9 Best Singer Sewing Machines – Pick the Reliable Brand!

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Crafty Hangouts is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here

Nobody finds it easy to pick a sewing machine. The beginners don’t know where to start their search, while experienced users get lost among the advanced features and functions available. We believe that the critical thing is to pick a reliable brand, which is why we are looking for the best Singer sewing machine.

Our team analyzed the available products and singled out the top nine devices below. The analysis started with the sewing machine type, but we also examined the physical characteristics, such as weight and dimensions. Versatility is vital for these devices, which is why we will mention the stitch selection and the adjustable width and length. Finally, buttonhole styles and automation can also simplify the working process. Before reading more in-depth reviews, check out our quick comparison table. We also prepared a comprehensive buying guide that will assist in choosing a unit that will fit your expectations.

Top 9 Singer Sewing Machines Review 2022


SINGER Stylist 7258Editor’s Choice

  • Type: computerized
  • Stitches: 100 (203 stitch applications)
  • Buttonholes: one-step
  • Size: 14.5 x 7.5 x 12 in
  • Weight: 14.6 lbs

Other features: fast Drop & Sew bobbin placement; automatic needle threader; tie-off button; darning plate; adjustable stitch length and width (6 mm); self-adjusting tension system; 750 SPM speed; heavy-duty metal frame; extra-high presser foot lifter; variable needle positions; LCD screen

If you are looking for a fast and versatile unit that minimizes user effort, you can’t go wrong with Singer Stylist 7258 Sewing Machine. The product features a classic design with the white color dominating, and the light-blue control button sections. Apart from the solid construction, the machine is both stable and reasonably quiet when operating.

The machine is reasonably fast with the maximum set at 750 SPM. It features an automatic bobbin winding and reverse functions, as well as a tie-off option for a straight stitch.

You can choose between 13 different needle positions and activate the twin-needle function. The machine has 100 available stitches, and most of them are decorative. Users can pick between seven different buttonhole styles, which increases the versatility even further. You will appreciate the limited capacity of the bobbin finder and the safety feature that prevents overfilling it.

Beginners won’t need plenty of time to get used to the machine. However, the sheer quantity of operations is enough to keep things fun and creative for a long time. The LED illumination will ensure that you see the working area better, although you might use additional light if working in dark corners.

Why is it special? The storage compartment is useful and convenient, and it will help not to lose the items required for sewing.

What are the flaws? The LED light might not be enough to illuminate the working area optimally, and you might need extra illumination.


SINGER 4423 Sewing MachineBest Value

  • Type: mechanical
  • Stitches: 23 (97 stitch applications)
  • Buttonhole: one-step
  • Size: 15.5 x 6.25 x 12 in
  • Weight: 14.6 lbs

Other features: a heavy-duty metal frame; built-in needle threader; top drop-in bobbin; adjustable stitch length and width (6 mm); high-performance motor; 3 variable needle positions

Singer 4423 falls into the category of more affordable sewing machines designed by this brand. However, the manufacturer didn’t compromise on the component quality. The metal chassis and the sewing head are of the highest quality, and the product will serve you well.

The differences lie in advanced features since this unit is not packed with many bells and whistles. However, you will have everything that you might need. For starters, the accessory kit ensures you can start right away. The integrated needle threader is convenient and speeds up the entire process.

You will notice a dial for picking stitches on the unit’s front. It is possible to choose from 97 available applications, while the one-step buttonhole process is automatized.

The foot pedal might be a bit too responsive. It recognizes how hard you press it, but it requires practice to find the right position. And if you want the machine to be fast, it can achieve the incredible speed of 1,100 stitches per minute. The product meets all expectations in its category and can be a wise investment in the long tun.

Why did it make our list? The metal chassis is durable, and the overall lifespan of the machine is impressive for a bargain deal.

What is not ideal about it? The foot pedal control is sensitive, and it will take a bit of effort to find an optimal sewing speed.

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SINGER Quantum Stylist 9960Upgrade Pick

  • Type: computerized
  • Stitches: 600
  • Buttonholes: one-step, 13 styles
  • Size: 17.2 x 8.2 x 12 in
  • Weight: 18.2 lbs

Other features: stitch sequencing with memory; twin-needle function; 25 variable needle positions; extra-high presser foot lifter; extension table; free arm; LCD screen; 850 SPM speed; heavy-duty metal frame; self-adjusting tension system; tie-off button; top drop-in bobbin; built-in needle threader; built-in lettering; mirror imaging

Whether you are looking for the best Singer Sewing machine for quilting or another project, you will love this device. There is virtually nothing you cannot do with this unit. It offers a vast range of different settings and allows you to customize all details to fit your needs.

The unit is stable, but that comes at the cost of a few extra pounds. It might make it harder to move around, but it will be worth the effort. For starters, the extension table will ensure you have sufficient working space available. The machine features an LCD screen with control buttons at the front.

As for the controls, they can be as easy or as complicated as you like. You can pick among the available stitches with a single button. Creative minds will appreciate adding lettering by using alphanumeric fonts. You can even choose from 13 different buttonhole styles, which is impressive. The electronic twin needle adjustments will ensure that you can do far more than a straight stitch. It will take a while until you try all features available, which makes this sewing machine a real long-term investment.

What stands out? Not only do you get a massive range of stitches, but you can also pick between different fonts to customize the project.

What cons did we manage to find? It takes some time to get to know all the available options and learn how to use the potential of this machine.

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SINGER Heavy Duty 4452Best Heavy-Duty Sewing Machine

  • Type: mechanical
  • Stitches: 32 (110 stitch applications)
  • Buttonhole: one-step
  • Size: 15.5 x 6.25 x 12 in
  • Weight: 14.6 lbs

Other features: built-in needle threader; top drop-in bobbin; adjustable stitch length and width (6 mm); adjustable presser foot pressure; heavy-duty metal frame; 1100 SPM speed; extra-high presser foot lifter

The first thing you notice about this machine is its color. Although white is the most common choice of this brand, this unit features a different color variation, which is a welcoming change.

If you analyze the performance, you will realize this might be the best Singer sewing machine for leather. That is because it is capable of dealing with multi-layer and tough materials. If you put in a bit of extra effort, you can even work with Velcro.

The product works at a fantastic 1,100SPM, which is faster than many other units. You can adjust the stitch width and length for optimal positions, and the machine offers 110 stitch applications. If you add the seven presser feet included, you can increase versatility with different techniques used. The bobbins are easy to load at the top, and the clear cover allows monitoring their quantity at any time.

The buttonhole is a single-step automatic process, and the automatic needle threader is reliable. Ultimately, it seems that Singer 4452 is a premium and heavy-duty sewing machine for all types of projects. It features a strong metal frame and is capable of remaining stable while operating. All those features packed in a single product make this unit a smart investment.

What stands out? Excellent versatility and suitability for tough materials, including even Velcro.

What cons did we manage to find? If you are working with a thick fabric, expect to invest a bit more effort to perform the task.

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Singer Start 1304Best for Beginners

  • Type: mechanical
  • Stitches: 6 (57 stitch applications)
  • Buttonhole: four-step
  • Size: 13 x 7 x 11.5 in
  • Weight: 9.8 lbs

Other features: darning plate; extra-high presser foot lifter; automatic bobbin winding

The reason why this product has “Start” in its name is that it is the best Singer sewing machine for beginners. For starters, its price tag is affordable, which means you won’t splash your cash on it. But the main reason why you should consider it is because it is perfect to learn all the sewing basics.

This is a mechanical sewing machine that weighs under ten pounds. That is why you need to position it well before operating. The LED light will illuminate the area to ensure you see better. Feel free to refer to the instruction manual, which is incredibly helpful.

The machine is easy to install, and you will enjoy using it. It only has six stitches, but that guarantees 57 different applications, which is more than a newbie needs. Additionally, each has a pre-selected stitch width and length. The automatic bobbin winding is convenient, and you receive all the required accessories.

Overall, Singer Start 1304 is a decent entry-level sewing machine. While it might not have advanced features or a one-step buttonhole process, it is durable and excellent for learning. Those who would appreciate some practice before acquiring an advanced unit should consider this product.

What do we love it for? It is easy to set up and start using, which makes the entire experience fun.

What were we disappointed with? The machine is compact, but it is light, and that could affect its stability.

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SINGER Tradition 2277 Sewing MachineBest for Home Use

  • Type: mechanical
  • Stitches: 23 (97 stitch applications)
  • Buttonhole: one-step
  • Size: 15 x 6.2 x 12 in
  • Weight: 13.6 lbs

Other features: built-in needle threader; adjustable stitch length and width (5 mm); front-loading bobbin; darning plate; heavy-duty metal frame; extra-high presser foot lifter; twin-needle function

If you are looking for the best Singer machine for home use, Tradition 2277 might be a smart choice. Beginners will appreciate that the product comes with understandable instructions. The overall operating process of this mechanical machine is easy, and there is virtually no learning curve.

The construction is admirable, and the manufacturer picked high-quality components. That includes details like an all-metal bobbin casing and mechanism. However, the machine is a bit lighter than usual, which might affect its stability. That is where it will take some practice to optimize operating it.

Singer Tradition 2277 is equipped with an automatic needle threader, and it allows adjusting stitch width and length. The needle threader works well, and it might be what sets this unit apart from the others.

The automatic one-step buttonhole process is another addition that speeds up the process and enables straightforward sewing. As for the number of stitches, it is not impressive, but the good news is that the selection is admirable. You will have the usual stitches for basic fabric but also for stretch and decorative ones, which means the selection should meet the expectation of most users. The warranty on the machine’s head is 25 years.

Why is it special? The machine can handle materials of different thicknesses, and that includes thin and thick applications.

What are the flaws? It could use additional stitch options for higher versatility.

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SINGER Simple 3232Best Mechanical Sewing Machine

  • Type: mechanical
  • Stitches: 32 (110 stitch applications)
  • Buttonhole: one-step
  • Size: 15 x 7.5 x 12 in
  • Weight: 12.6 lbs

Other features: front-loading bobbin; built-in needle threader; adjustable stitch length; heavy-duty metal frame; extra-high presser foot lifter

Singer Simple 3232 doesn’t justify its name since it is not that easy to use. Beginners might find the instructions tricky, and there is an apparent learning curve before you become comfortable with the machine. The good news is that the product offers you a wide range of possibilities when sewing.

For starters, you can pick between 110 stitch applications made available by the 32 integrated stitches. The presser foot allows optimal control when positioning the unit for every project. Even the speed of 750 RPM is impressive and will enable you to work fast. The automatic reverse function ensures that all stitches will be reinforced. That might make this the best Singer sewing machine for denim and other materials.

Now, Singer 3232 advertises its automatic needle threader is one of its main features. The problem is that the threader has some performance issues and might not work as reliably as it should. That is why you shouldn’t purchase the unit for this function. But if you find other features useful, this is still an excellent sewing machine.

The product weighs 12.6 pounds, which is below average. It still has a durable metal frame for optimal lifespan, but the lightness makes it easy to move the unit around.

What makes it special? The presser foot will enable you to position everything the way you need it for every project.

What cons did we find? The instructions could be clearer, and the machine has a learning curve, especially if you are a beginner.


SINGER Confidence 7469QBest Computerized Sewing Machine

  • Type: computerized
  • Stitches: 98
  • Buttonhole: one-step, 7 styles
  • Size: 17 x 8 x 12.5 in
  • Weight: 19 lbs

Other features: fast Drop & Sew bobbin placement; top drop-in bobbin; built-in needle threader; needle up/down stopping position; variable needle positions; twin-needle function; heavy-duty metal frame; extension table; self-adjusting tension system; adjustable stitch length; tie-off button

This might be the best Singer heavy-duty sewing machine we’ve seen in the market. The product weighs over 19 pounds, which makes it a bit heavier than usual. However, you will have the necessary stability whenever operating the unit.

As soon as you start working with this sewing machine, you will realize how amazing it is. For starters, it comes with a one-step buttonhole process that is entirely automatic. The computerized machine has 98 integrated stitch patters and 13 needle positions, which gives you plenty of freedom to do what you planned.

For large projects, you will love the extension table included with the unit. You can use the two LED lights for better illumination, but the overall impression is that they could be brighter. The accessories even include a DVD that will teach you more about how the machine works. The automatic presser foot is convenient for pressure control. You will receive a 25-year limited warranty from Singer. Although the price tag is a bit higher, that makes the product a smart long-term investment.

What do we love it for? The unit is not only easy to operate, but it is relatively quiet while working, especially when compared to other machines made by this brand.

What were we disappointed with? The LED lights could be brighter as they don’t secure an optimal viewing of the area.


SINGER M3500Best Basic

  • Type: mechanical
  • Stitches: 32 (110 applications)
  • Buttonhole: one-step
  • Size: 15.16 x 7.35 x 10.9 in
  • Weight: 15.22 lbs

Other features: 4 presser feet included; automatic needle threader; free arm; front loading bobbin; LED lighting

Here is another product that is a fine choice for those only entering this world but needs a mechanical sewing machine. The one-step buttonhole process will ensure that the unit delivers consistent results whenever you use it. Beginners will consider that useful, and they will also appreciate the accessories included with the unit. You will receive everything from a dust cover to bobbins and needles.

Now, this might be the best primary sewing machine but don’t expect wonders from it. It is not the smartest choice for advanced projects, and it might not be suitable for thin materials.

Singer M3500 comes with LED lighting that allows you to see better while working with the machine. Thanks to the free arm, you can see the hard to reach sections, too. The automatic needle threader will speed up the entire process and enable you to sew faster.

The product comes with 32 stitches, but they enable 110 different applications. That makes the unit suitable for decorative and stretch fabric. The sewing machine is a bit heavier than expected, but that helps to maintain stability during operation.

What makes it stand out? The one-step buttonhole is convenient, and it ensures consistent results while operating the machine.

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind? The unit is quite basic, and it will be hard to complete anything but basic projects with it.

Things to Consider

Are you ready to discover how to choose the most suitable Singer sewing machine? Our buying guide will cover the factors to consider while on the market for these products. We also gathered the most common questions user ask about these machines and provided answers to them.

Singer sewing machines – pros and cons

Do you even need a Singer sewing machine? If you are still having second thoughts, we compiled a list of advantages and downsides to these devices.

Here is why you should purchase a Singer unit:

  • A reputable brand– Singer has been around for decades, and their units are famous for excellent durability and performance.
  • Pursue your hobby – You might’ve wanted to try sewing for a long time, and these units will be the perfect companion for pursuing your hobby.
  • Have unique clothing and other items – Instead of purchasing clothes at the store, you can tailor everything to your preference and wear unique clothing pieces.
  • Repair and alter your clothes easily – Did you buy a larger shirt than necessary? It will be easy to make the necessary adjustments and handle repairs with a Singer sewing machine.
  • A variety of functions – This brand doesn’t only guarantee consistent performance, but it also comes with a variety of functions. That simplifies the operating process and makes it more pleasant for the user.

Here are some potential drawbacks of using a sewing machine:

  • It takes practice to learn how to use it– If you are a beginner, you will need some patience to master the use of a sewing device.
  • Some units are expensive – It depends on the product, since there are also affordable deals, but some sewing machines can be expensive.

Features to consider when choosing a Singer sewing machine

9 Best Singer Sewing Machines – Pick the Reliable Brand!

Singer sewing machines come with an extensive range of features. That might make it hard to determine where to start when picking a suitable device. It is why our team designed a list of factors to consider while choosing a sewing unit. We will start with the basics like types and applications, and proceed to stitches and the operating speed. After finishing the guide, you will know more about these machines, and you will be able to pick a suitable one.

Type and application

The two basic types of Singer sewing machines are computerized and mechanical. Mechanical might require more effort, but these units are great for those who like to invest their time in sewing or feel nostalgic about old-fashioned machines. These devices are usually durable and simple to maintain.

Computerized sewing machines offer automatic features that simplify the working process for the user. They come with more stitch options and buttonhole styles, but they also have a learning curve. It will take a while to discover how everything works.

Ultimately, this is a matter of preference, since both types have their advantages and drawbacks. As for applications, you can use them both for quilting and different materials like single and multi-layer fabrics.

Number of stitches and stitch applications

The selection of stitches is important because it directly affects the versatility of the unit. Every user appreciates the option of having to choose between multiple stitches. Their number might vary from as little as five to as many as 600. The average number is around 100, which is the quantity available in Singer Stylist 7258.

These stitches can be for basic, decorative, and stretch fabric. If the stitches have multiple applying options, the number of stitch applications increases. That is why a machine with 100 stitches often has more than 200 different applications. You use control buttons or a stitch dial to pick the desired stitch, so the entire process is user-friendly.

Stitching speed

How fast do you want your machine to work? A fast sewing unit ensures you don’t waste a second of your time when operating it. That is why you might find machines that work up to 1,100 SPM (stitches per minute) the best choice. A more common and affordable option is those that work up to 750 SPM.

Apart from speed, you should also have control over the performance. That is enabled by the pressure foot pedal, which is how you determine the desired rate. It allows you to change speed settings whenever you feel like it.

Stitch length and width

While you are choosing stitches, you will find that some settings come with pre-set lengths and widths. That makes your job easier, but what if you would like to perform adjustments to suit a specific project?

It is where units with adjustable length and width come into play. Besides finding the best Singer sewing machine for home use, find the one that gives you enough options for adjusting these settings. Depending on the unit, you can adjust them to 5mm or 6mm.


Making a buttonhole is an important feature, and even the best basic single sewing machine should have this function. It is vital to note that the buttonhole process can be a single-step and automated one, or require multiple steps. If you are a beginner or want to save time, choose a device like Singer 4452 with an automated buttonhole sewing process.

You can also pick between a single or multiple varieties of buttonhole styles. It helps if the product comes with several styles available, since it allows you to express creativity and customize the project.

Free arm

Some units, such as Singer Quantum Stylish 9960, qualify as free arm sewing machines. These devices are unique because their housing is lifted at the bottom. The unique construction allows the user to reach difficult areas and stitch them effortlessly.

That could include cuffs, collars, ending sections of pants, etc. If you often work with a fabric that comes in a tubular shape, you will appreciate the free arm function.

Dimensions and weight

When it comes to the size of your sewing machine, consider the area where you plan to operate it. It is important that the device fits nicely on the table, and you can position yourself next to it comfortably. Some machines, such as Singer Confidence 7469Q, come with an extension table. It will grant you additional working space, but also require more room in the designated area.

As for weight, there are pros and cons to both light and heavy units. For example, Singer Start 1304 weighs less than ten pounds. That makes it portable and easy to move from one location to another. However, light machines can be a bit wobbly while operating. Additional pounds contribute to stability and ensure the device remains firmly in position.

9 Best Singer Sewing Machines – Pick the Reliable Brand!


The warranty provided on Singer sewing machine can be extensive, especially on primary components like the sewing head. This company has been a synonym for top-quality sewing units for decades. It is why they are ready to provide a 25-year warranty on the main parts and an overall guarantee of up to several years on the entire machine.

We remind you that it is vital to read the details of the warranty’s terms and conditions. While Singer will honor all elements of the guarantee, it is smart to be familiar with your rights first.


The main accessories include presser feet for different techniques. Those could include:

  • A zipper foot for adding piping, zippers, etc.
  • Satin stitch foot
  • Buttonhole foot
  • Embroidery and darning foot

You will find that different units have a different selection of these presser feet. You might also get additional accessories to help you start sewing right away.

Here is an overview of the extras you might receive with your Singer sewing machine:
  • A package of needles
  • Darning plate
  • Lint brush
  • Bobbins
  • Spool pin


The cost of a Singer sewing machine can be anywhere from $150 to $500 or more. If you are looking for an affordable model, Singer Start 1304 can be a smart pick. It is quite basic, but it can serve you well if you are a beginner. The average price is from $200 and $300, and you can get a top-quality machine, such as Singer Stylist 7258, for that money.

Finally, you can spend more than $400 and go for a unit like Singer Quantum Stylist 9960. If you add a bit extra, you will get bells and whistles that simplify the sewing process and make the machine more versatile.


The Singer is a reputable brand, and they provide a generous warranty on their sewing machines. However, the guarantee might vary on the components. For example, you could receive a 25-year warranty on the sewing head, but it might only be valid for two years for all other parts.

A single stitch might have different applications. It all depends on the technique you used. For example, a stitch might have both basic and decorative applications. That is why the number of stitches available actually enables a considerably higher number of applications. It ensures users have more options and can get more creative when operating the unit.

Denim and other heavy fabrics might require a powerful sewing machine and a bit of extra effort on your behalf. While it is possible to sew them, make sure to find a suitable unit for those needs. You want to look for a machine that can handle tough and multi-layered fabrics.

That depends on how frequently you use it. The experts suggest that four months is an optimal period for oiling a sewing machine. However, this period might be shorter or longer, and it depends on your use.

Our Verdict

After a careful analysis, our top choice remains Singer Stylist 7258. It is an all-around device with variable needle positions and an extensive selection of 100 stitches. Beginners will feel comfortable with the machine right away, while experienced users will appreciate the wide range of features available.

You can also go with Singer 4423, which is perfect for those that don’t want to splash the cash on a premium sewing machine. This one is surprisingly fast for an entry-level unit, and it also comes with a user-friendly stitch dial.

Our premium pick is Singer Quantum Stylist 9960. This is the best Singer sewing machine for everyone who needs the most bells and whistles possible. From the integrated needle threader and self-adjusting tension to alphanumeric fonts included with stitches, this unit will exceed all your expectations.

What do you expect from a sewing machine? That is the critical question to ask when choosing a device, and a way to ensure you pick a suitable unit!

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