5 Best Sewing Machines for Monogramming – Decorate Items with Letters and Phrases!

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Crafty Hangouts is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here

Do you want to decorate towels, handkerchiefs, bags, and other items with letters, phrases, and slogans? If so, monogramming can be a great way to take your DIY project to the next level. With the best sewing machine for monogramming, you are sure to impress your family and friends with fantastic handmade gifts!

Our experts reviewed the top-notch units currently available on the market to help you make your choice easier. We took our job seriously and paid attention to all the relevant features. That means we checked the fonts available for monograms, the number of integrated designs, and built-in stitches. We didn’t forget about buttonhole styles and the speed of each monogramming machine, since you might want to use your sewing machine for various tasks and projects. Other factors we put our focus on included weight and dimensions to make sure the product is easily portable and also a warranty to give you peace of mind. Are you ready to learn more? Let’s go!

Top 5 Sewing Machines for Monogramming Review 2022


Brother SE600Editor's Choice

  • Stitches/designs: 103 sewing stitches, 80 designs
  • Monograms: 6 embroidery lettering fonts
  • Buttonhole styles: 10 styles with auto-size
  • Speed: 710 SPM
  • Dimensions: 21.2 x 15.5 x 16.5 in.
  • Weight: 14.33 lbs.
  • Warranty: 25-year limited

More features: 4″ x 4″ embroidery field, 3.2″ LCD color touchscreen, comes with hoop, embroidery arm and 7 sewing feet

Our first suggestion for the best monogramming sewing machine is the Brother SE600. We have good reasons to put this machine at the top of our list. For starters, the stitch quality is fantastic, and it will exceed all your expectations.

The product features more than 100 sewing stitches, as well as dozens of different designs. It might be a small downside that the custom embroidery designs will not offer the highest quality. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t use them as they will help you on many occasions.

Once you take the machine out of the box, you will realize how light it is. It weighs less than 15 pounds, which is impressive. You can use six lettering fonts for monograms, and that gives you plenty of space for creativity.

After you activate the machine and start working with it, you will realize it is surprisingly quiet when operating. That is convenient if you are working around others since it won’t be making much noise.

The unit is easy to use, and it shouldn’t be a problem for beginners to get used to it. Professionals will appreciate the range of options available and the quality of work that can be done. You might need to invest more effort into a horizontal thread with caps, but it will be worth it. Overall, this machine delivers plenty of bang for the buck, which makes it a smart investment.

What do we love it for?

  • The product is surprisingly quiet when operating
  • The stitch quality is fantastic
  • An affordable deal that features great value for money
  • Suitable for both beginners and professionals

What were we disappointed with?

  • You might need more effort for a horizontal thread with caps
  • The custom embroidery designs do not offer the highest quality
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SINGER Quantum Stylist 9960Best Value

  • Stitches/designs: 600 stitches
  • Monograms: 5 alphanumeric fonts
  • Buttonhole styles: 13 (1-step)
  • Speed: 850 SPM
  • Dimensions: 17″ x 8.25 x 12 in.
  • Weight: 18.2 lbs.
  • Warranty: 25-year limited

More features: mirror imaging, stitch elongation, comes with 13 pressure feet, one-touch stitch selection, extension table, electronic twin needle settings

If the brand is important to you, you probably won’t find a more reputable manufacturer in this industry than Singer. The company designed the Quantum Stylist 9960 as an entry-level model for all those not willing to splash their cash on a monogramming sewing machine.

This product doesn’t weigh that much, especially when you compare it to similar units. Next, the machine is automatic, and you can choose the desired speed with the maximum set at 850SPM. The automatic stop might not be responsive at all times, but it is quite reliable.

The instruction manual explains everything well, and beginners won’t have a steep learning curve with the unit. It comes with five alphanumeric fonts for monogramming, which is convenient. A vast selection of stitches and buttonhole styles is also available. The thread cutter is a useful addition, especially if your task requires starting and stopping frequently.

The design of the machine is attractive – the manufacturer used the classic white color as the dominating one. The only downside is the bobbin cover, which you can lose easily. Overall, you won’t choose wrong if you go with this sewing machine since it offers excellent value for the money.

What are our favorite features?

  • The illumination is impressive and ensures you always see what you are doing
  • It doesn’t come with a demanding learning curve
  • The thread cutter is a convenient addition
  • The design is attractive, and it looks great in any area

What could be better?

  • The automatic stop might be not responsive at all times
  • You can easily lose the plastic bobbin cover
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Janome Horizon Memory Craft 9850Premium Pick

  • Stitches/designs: 200 stitches, 175 embroidery designs
  • Monograms: 2 fonts with European characters, 2 and 3 letter monogramming function
  • Buttonhole styles: 6 (1-step)
  • Speed:
  • Dimensions: 18.7 x 8.8 x 12.4 in.
  • Weight: 23 lbs.
  • Warranty: 25-year on mechanical parts, 5-year on electrical parts, 1-year labor

More features: USB design transfer, editing functions, LCD full-color touchscreen, automatic thread tension, needle threader, 7-piece feed dog, free-arm

Janome Horizon designed a premium monogramming sewing machine that comes with a generous warranty. The manufacturer made sure that the machine looks attractive and improves any décor.

A noticeable touchscreen dominates the design and stands out even when you look at the device from afar. That is because of the purple color surrounding it. The important part is that the screen functions flawlessly. Although there is a bit of a learning curve if you are a newbie, everything will soon become quite simple.

You will have 175 integrated designs at your disposal, as well as 200 stitches. When it comes to monogramming functions, the machine has two and three-letter options. You also have editing functions and the ability to transfer designs by using a USB connection.

The product offers six one-step buttonholes and does any task flawlessly. The price tag is a bit high, but you can rest assured that you will get a top-quality unit.

The machine doesn’t take a lot of space and is quite compact-sized. While it is not the lightest product out there, it is not that heavy either. Its weight is set at 23 pounds. Overall, it is a smart long-term investment for anyone looking to do serious business with a monogramming sewing machine.

What are its best features?

  • The product comes with a generous warranty on mechanical parts
  • The touchscreen is extremely convenient
  • A wide selection of stitches and designs
  • Monogramming functions with two and three letters

What could be improved?

  • The price is a bit high
  • It does come with a learning curve
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Bernette 70 DecoBest SPM Potential

  • Stitches/designs: 208 pre-installed embroidery designs
  • Monograms: 100 fonts with Lettering and Editing
  • Buttonhole styles: not available
  • Speed: 850 SPM
  • Dimensions: 23 x 18.5 x 22 in.
  • Weight: 34 lbs.
  • Warranty: 10-year on materials and workmanship, 2-year on electrical parts

More features: 5” color touch screen, USB design transfer, three different sized hoops, and hoop detection, upper and lower thread sensors, adjustable presser foot and thread tension

If you don’t have time to waste, you don’t only want the best monogramming sewing machine out there, but also the fastest one. This unit can reach 850SPM, which means it will be there for you whenever higher sewing speed is required.

The first thing you will notice while installing the unit is that it is a bit heavy. That doesn’t make this product extremely portable, but you will get additional stability. It can be important when you are working on tasks that require the highest level of precision.

The monogramming unit comes with a large color screen that has a five-inch diameter. It should make it easy to control the unit and simplify the entire process. The product comes with three hoops, which is quite convenient. It is a shame that buttonhole styles are not available, but nobody can deny that the machine stitches out beautifully. You can use the adjustable presser foot to control the process, and thread tension is another available feature.

The machine offers 100 fonts with editing and lettering, and more than 200 of built-in designs. You can use USB to transfer new designs whenever you have them available. The unit comes with a 10-year warranty on workmanship and the materials.

What are our favorite features?

  • The large color screen is incredibly convenient
  • The machine comes with three hoops
  • The unit stitches out beautifully
  • It can be quite fast since its maximum speed reaches 850SPM

What could be better?

  • A bit heavy and difficult to move around
  • Buttonhole styles are not available

Bernette 340 DecoBest with a Classic Design

  • Stitches/designs: over 100 designs
  • Monograms: 3 alphabets, 2 monograms
  • Buttonhole styles: not available
  • Speed: 750 SPM
  • Dimensions: 22.01 x 17.52 x 12.52 in.
  • Weight: 27.3 lbs.
  • Warranty: 5-year mechanical, 2-year electrical, and 1-year labor

More features: USB design transfer, touch screen, mirror imaging, combining, resizing functions, drag & drop function, sleeve platform

The Bernette 340 Deco is another unit from this brand, except it is aimed at those who are not looking to splash their cash on a monogramming machine. Instead, this is a budget-friendly deal that many will appreciate.

The machine is compact-sized, and it doesn’t have a large footprint. That can be convenient if you are working in restricted areas. The touchscreen isn’t that noticeable, and it fits well with the overall design. That is great for those who are looking for their machine to resemble the traditional units.

The two monograms and three alphabets are available, but specific fonts might cause minor problems in performance. You can choose from over 100 designs and transfer them over USB, but the card slot could perform better since the card can fall into the machine.

These are all minor drawbacks because this sewing machine that does monogramming will provide consistent performance and fantastic results. Using the drag & drop function simplifies the entire process, and other features include resizing and mirror imaging. The unit is stable and a bit heavy, which doesn’t make it too portable. It is capable of serving well for years, which makes it a wise long-term investment.

What are its best features?

  • A classic design that resembles traditional machines
  • More than 100 integrated designs and an option to transfer them over USB
  • The drag & drop function is very useful
  • An affordable price tag for a high-quality unit

What could be improved?

  • You might have some problems with specific fonts
  • The card slot could be more convenient
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Things to Consider

A monogramming sewing machine is a great choice for seamstresses, as well as domestic users. You can also see them used by merchandise dealers and clothing businesses. If you already know that you need this machine, our buying guide will assist you in finding a product that meets your expectations. We will start by discussing the benefits of purchasing these specialized monogramming machines and then proceed to the crucial features. Finally, we will answer the most common questions related to the topic. If you are ready, start reading to learn how to pick a suitable product!

Reasons to purchase a monogramming sewing machine

5 Best Sewing Machines for Monogramming – Decorate Items with Letters and Phrases!

Are you still doubting whether a sewing machine for monogramming is the right choice? Our experts analyzed these products and singled out their benefits.

Here are the reasons why you should consider these units:

  • Better than a traditional sewing machine – these products are better equipped for handling monogramming tasks than their traditional counterparts.
  • Far easier than using your hands – if you only use your hands to handle monogramming tasks, you will appreciate the simplification guaranteed by these machines.
  • Improved accuracy – apart from making it easy to use, you will also benefit from enhanced accuracy. Thanks to better precision, you will be happier with the results of your work.
  • Minimal odds of making a mistake – as soon as you get comfortable with these products, you will realize that the risk of doing something wrong is minimal.
  • Speed up the entire process – you will get the job done well, and you will invest less time per project. Using a specialized machine will help you to finish what you planned quickly. The estimation is that you can finish a project up to three times faster than with traditional methods.

How to pick the best sewing machine for monogramming?

If you have never used a sewing machine that does monogramming, you might be confused about which product is the right choice for you. The market selection is extensive, and that is why we did the work for you.

Below, you can find the most important factors that affect your decision. We covered everything from designs, stitches, and fonts, to ease of use and speed of a particular machine. Once you figure out the features that you need, you can return to reviews and pick a suitable product.

Stitches and designs

The first thing you want to do is to check the available stitches on your desired sewing machine that does monogramming. Most units will come with integrated stitches. The more stitches you have available, the better. The expected number is at least 100, but some of them, like the Singer Quantum Stylist 9960, will offer up to 600 stitches.

Apart from integrated stitches, you also want to look for built-in designs. The number of designs can vary from a small number to over 200. A convenient feature is the option to transfer designs via a USB flash drive. That function is offered by the Bernette 70 Deco and many other units. It gives you the option to add personalized designs and experiment with your projects.

Fonts and monograms

As expected, fonts and monograms will play a crucial role when it comes to finding the best monogramming sewing machine. You will find that some machines like the Bernette 70 Deco offer up to 100 fonts with available editing and lettering.

Other units, such as the Janome Horizon Memory Craft 9850, offer two and three-letter monogramming functions, which can give you plenty of room to experiment. Alphabets and alphanumeric fonts are your available choices.

The crucial note is that you should go with the choice of fonts and monograms that suits your preference. If the machine sounds like it delivers what you expect from it and fits your future projects, that makes it the right option.

5 Best Sewing Machines for Monogramming – Decorate Items with Letters and Phrases!

Buttonhole styles

If you take a look at the machine’s specification, you might find that it offers a buttonhole function. It is a convenient feature if you are working on clothing pieces or other items that require buttonholes. You can use this function, which ensures a high level of precision and guarantees the holes won’t affect the quality of work.

The number of buttonhole styles might vary from one product to another. It is crucial to note that not all units will offer these styles. If you feel like you need them, make sure to choose a machine that supports them. Also, the number of styles will vary, but it will rarely go over several possible options. The good news is that you probably won’t even need more than that.


The next thing you should consider when finding the best sewing machine that does monogramming is its speed. The manufacturers describe this by using SPM – stitches per minute. While the capabilities of machines might vary, modern units are usually quite fast. Even a machine that works at 700SPM can do a fast job and ensure to shorten the time required for completing your project.

The fastest machines come with about 850SPMs or even more. You can let them do their job automatically, as well as take control when you feel like you could use an extra level of precision. Overall, monogramming machines are now so advanced that it is impossible to find one that doesn’t operate at high speed.

Ease of use

The ease of use is hard to describe because it depends on an individual. If you have some experience with these units, it will be easier to adapt to a new machine. On the other hand, if you are a beginner, you should be ready for a small learning curve.

The manufacturers can make things simpler by ensuring an intuitive interface. That means navigation through the menus of the software should be effortless. The good news is that it shouldn’t take a lot of time to learn the basics. Depending on the advanced functions and options, it will probably take a while until you get perfectly comfortable with the machine.

Make sure to consult the instruction manual frequently as most guides are written to be user-friendly and helpful.


A monogramming sewing machine will usually come with an LCD color touchscreen. Its dimensions might vary, and you will encounter small screens that are around three inches. If you prefer large screens, some of them are five inches or more.

5 Best Sewing Machines for Monogramming – Decorate Items with Letters and Phrases!

The screens should be durable and long-lasting, and that is usually the case. If the display is a touchscreen, that means you can tap your finger on the screen to choose the desired option. That makes it a lot easier than using buttons to move through menus. It makes the entire interface more intuitive and user-friendly. That is why the experts recommend always going with an LCD touchscreen.

Dimensions and weight

It is also important to consider the physical characteristics of your desired sewing and monogramming machine. When it comes to the size of your desired unit, it can vary, but these products are usually from 15 to 25 inches long, up to 15 inches wide, and up to 20 inches high. You can go with one that has a smaller footprint if you work in restricted space, although an additional working area could be beneficial.

As for the weight, it varies from 14 to 35 pounds. For example, the Brother SE600 is lightweight and suitable for carrying around. Heavy units might offer extra stability, but they are not that portable.

Finally, make sure to consider the embroidery field size. That can give you an idea of what you can do with the machine and what its capabilities are.


According to our sewing machine for monogramming reviews, the warranty terms vary significantly. The crucial thing to note is that you will rarely find a guarantee that is unconditional. Most companies will offer a shorter warranty on labor, but a more generous one on workmanship and materials.

The good news is that many warranties out there are extremely generous. For example, the Janome Horizon Memory Craft 9850 comes with a guarantee on mechanical parts that have you covered for 25 years.

The general rule is that you should aim for a warranty that keeps you safe for at least five years. You will probably be investing a lot of money into your monogramming machine, and this is a way to ensure you are protected if anything goes wrong.


The crucial thing to note is that the best monogramming sewing machine won’t come cheap. The cost of these products often goes from $500 to $1,600 or more.

For example, if you are looking for an affordable deal at around $500 to $700, you will find that the Brother SE600 is an excellent value for the money. The machine offers a huge number of features and consistent performance, which makes it a wise investment.

The next price range stretches from $700 to $1,000, and many consider this to be mid-range machines. The Bernette 340 Deco is an example in this price category, but once you check out its features, you realize it can do a great job.

Those that are looking for the ultimate longevity and performance will need to invest over $1,500. For that money, you can get a powerful machine like the Janome Horizon Memory Craft 9850.


It might seem difficult to learn how to work on a sewing and monogramming machine at first. If you don’t have any previous experience, it is crucial to consult the instruction manual. You want to read it carefully so that you can learn how to find the desired settings. The general rule is that these units come with LCD color touchscreens, which simplify the entire operation process. You can program everything in several steps, and you will be surprised by how fast you do everything once you get used to the product. Although you should be ready for a learning curve, monogramming machines are essentially easy to use and very intuitive.

If you find that the material is a good option for monogramming, you can use it on the sewing machine. That means these products support all those materials that are commonly used for monogramming. You can’t go wrong with quilting cotton, which is the most common choice of users throughout the world. The reason why you should go with quilting cotton is that the threads won’t show through, and your work can hold on for a long time. Other materials that you can use are wool, including both synthetic and natural, and silk. However, be careful and choose silk with a strong base.

That will depend on the specifics of your machine, and whether it allows it. Some units support USB design transfer. This is a convenient feature that allows you to try ready-made designs and use them in your work. If the unit supports this option, you will have much more freedom when it comes to experimenting with projects. It is a function that adds another layer of versatility to the entire machine. Many users find it convenient as it can increase what they can do with the machine. But, if you only stick to the integrated designs, it should still be enough for various tasks and projects.

Our Verdict

If you are still having second thoughts about the right sewing machine that does monogramming, you can’t go wrong with the Brother SE600. This unit isn’t only available at an affordable price, but it is also covered with a generous warranty, and it will last for a long time. It features multiple lettering fonts, dozens of designs, and stitches, and it is so light that you can move it around easily.

The Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 is the right choice if you want a budget-friendly deal. The machine has no less than 600 integrated stitches, and it can reach an impressive speed of 850SPM. Five fonts are available for monogramming.

Finally, the Janome Horizon Memory Craft 9850 is the best sewing machine for monogramming in the premium class. It features more than 150 stitches and embroidery designs, as well as two and three-letter monogramming options.

The ultimate piece of advice we can give you is that you can’t go wrong with any machine on the list – pick the one that fits your preference!

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