6 Best Industrial Sergers Ready for Any Workload

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Crafty Hangouts is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here

Not all best rated industrial serger work as they are said to do. Assuming you know what to look for in the best industrial serger could be even more misleading. Your idea could be mistaken, as well. You will hardly find your assumptions turning out to be a reality. They will rarely be accurate as you had hoped it would be. Therefore, getting the wrong industrial serger in the market, which is crowded with vast industrial sergers, is a likely option. However, you needn’t be in trouble when you need to acquire your next serger.

This comprehensive guide comes to fully equip you with the vital insights you will need to make a sound decision on your next purchase. We have done a thorough review based on the stitch length, needle gauge, and speed to help you make an informed decision as you acquire the next serger.

Top 6 Industrial Sergers Review 2022


Juki MO-6704 Industrial SergerEditor’s Choice

  • Stitch length: not specified
  • Needle gauge: not specified
  • Speed: 0 ~3300 RPM

More features: comes with a PDF manual; electronic DC Servo motor; professional assembly required

MO-6704 is a 3-thread single needle overlock sewing machine. It is a versatile machine that works perfectly well with varying kinds of materials and processes to produce beautiful and delicate products. Notably, it has reduced noise and is durable too.

The package comes complete with the machine fully submerged in a table. It is also equipped with an electronic DC servo motor. You will also find other accessories, including instructions manual drawer, belt, and tools in the sealed boxes.

You will realize it is a highly advanced machine that is cost-effective for your industrial use. It offers high-quality work as well as high-quality seam while maintaining high working speeds.

The machine incorporates various mechanisms in its working, which you can easily adjust to achieve a perfect finish seam, which will perfectly match the material in use. Even though it requires a professional skill to assemble, you will find the machine worth.

What makes it special? The machine works perfectly well with different kinds of sewing materials and processes to produce beautiful finish seams.

What cons did we find? The machine requires professional assembling. It could be better if the parts were easy to assemble without the need to incur the costs of having a professional fix it.


New Juki MO6716 5Premium Pick

  • Stitch length: not specified
  • Needle gauge: not specified
  • Speed: 7000 RPM

More features: increased reliability; high speed; upgraded quality

MO- 6700s is yet another industrial serger that works well with varying sewing materials and processes to give both beautiful and delicate seams while working at low noise levels hence increasing its durability.

It is a highly advanced and cost-effective machine that ensures upgraded and high-quality seam even while working at high speeds.

The machine makes use of a looper thread take-up mechanism and needle-thread take-up mechanism to offer unmatched responsiveness for both heavy and light-weight materials. It only takes a lower applied tension to achieve a well-tensed soft feeling that matches the material’s elasticity at its maximum speed of 7000sti/min.

Notably, the devices intended for the Juki machines are interchangeable. Therefore, it helps you do away with waste of resources that would occur with unwanted additional costs. It comes with a fully assembled table as well as a clutch motor.

What makes it stand out? Devices intended for ordinary Juki machines are interchangeable hence saving you additional costs.

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind? The table and the motor require professional skills to fix. It could be better if the seller could fix it as part of the customer service.

  • Stitch length: 4 mm
  • Needle gauge: 2 mm
  • Speed: 0 ~3300 RPM

More features: assembly required; comes with a manual, needles, oil, and tools.

Yet another 4-thread single needle overlock sewing machine works well with different kinds of sewing materials and processes to yield beautiful seam finishing. The machine operates at low noise levels, which contributes to its durability.

The device comes with a sewing machine already submerged in the table and includes a DC servo motor. Other accessories included are a drawer, belt, tools, and the instructions manual, all in a box that hasn’t been used previously.

At times you might require a professional to assemble the machine. Juki MO-6700 is a highly advanced and cost-effective machine that guarantees upgraded seam quality.

The machine incorporates various mechanisms, including standards such as external adjustment mechanisms useful in adjusting the feed dog inclination and increasing the differential feed ratio to ensure perfect finish seams matching the material used.

Why did it make our list? The machine incorporates various mechanisms that can easily be adjusted to achieve a perfect seam finish, which matches the material being used.

What is not ideal about it? If only the machine could be assembled without the need to incur additional costs, it would be better.

  • Stitch length: 0.6~3.8 (4.5) mm
  • Needle gauge: 2 mm
  • Speed: 7000 stitches per minute

More features: assembly required; eco-friendly; great for heavyweight material

Are you looking forward to having your work done much faster? This new and improved JUKI MO681745 OVERLOCK THE MO-6800S series works perfectly with varying kinds of sewing materials and processes to give a beautiful and soft to touch seams. It works with reduced noise hence increased durability. The machine is well enhanced in terms of safety and is easy to use with the ability to save you costs. You will need the skills for assembling. Alternatively, you will need to hire a sewing mechanic to assemble it if you want to save yourself the trouble and not do it right. The machine has complete application in sewing of light to heavy materials.

The needle thread takes up mechanism, and a looper thread take-up lever ensures high-quality work and soft and well-tensed seams. The machine has a broader and brighter needle entry, which gives responsiveness to the materials hence making it easy for the user. If well balanced, the machine works while producing reduced noise and vibration hence allowing more comfortable sewing. It works effectively with both light and heavyweight materials.

Why did it make our list? The machine is eco-friendly hence protecting the environment as it meets the standards for protecting the environment.

What is not ideal about it? It could be better if the machine was assembled by the seller instead of hiring a professional to fix it, hence eliminating any extra cost.


Juki MO-6816 Industrial SergerAdjustable

  • Stitch length: 0.6 ~ 3.8 (4.5) mm
  • Needle gauge: 2 mm
  • Speed: 7000 SPM

More features: assembly required; micro-adjustment mechanism; external increasing of the differential feed ratio

This is yet another versatile industrial serger that responds to various types of sewing materials and processes to give a delicate and beautifully soft to touch seam while producing minimal noise, hence increasing durability. This machine is easy to use and will offer excellent cost-effectiveness.

The machine has complete application with both lights to heavyweight materials. It runs at speed as high as 7000sti/min. The machine has illuminated and more expansive needle entry, which helps the user to use the machine with much ease. If well balanced, the machine reduces the operational noise as well as giving a comfortable sewing experience.

You will enjoy the ease of operating the machine as it is equipped with a differential-feed micro-adjustment mechanism that is easily adjustable on the sewing machine’s face with a screwdriver. It is a 5-thread industrial serger that gives standard function, which allows easy and best-suited adjustments depending on the material to use.

What makes it stand out? It responds perfectly well to a variety of sewing materials and processes to give high-quality seam.

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind? The machine needs an expert to assemble. It could be better if the company assembled it for the clients at no extra fee.


TechSew 757 5-Thread SergerVersatile

  • Stitch length: 0 to 5 mm
  • Needle gauge: not specified
  • Speed: 6000 SPM

More features: adjustable stitch length; differential feed; automatic lubrication; limited lifetime warranty

If you are looking for a versatile machine that will work perfectly sewing fabrics and swimwear, this is the machine for you. It is the best industrial serger for knit fabrics. The machine is equipped with a servo motor and a fully submerged table, which makes it appropriate for small and large-scale products.

The machine is designed with quality control is a priority. It is built from durable materials to guarantee the durability to the end-user. All the machines are made with the customer in mind to deliver a machine that will exactly suit what the customers are looking for to meet their production needs. The adjustable length, as well as the automatic lubrication, makes it more user friendly. Notably, the machine comes while it is already oiled, inspected, and adjusted, ready to start working.

Why is it special? Techsew Sewing Machine is built with quality control being a priority to meet your production needs.

What are the flaws? It could be better if the machine could be suitable for heavyweight materials as well.

Things to Consider

Not all industrial sergers are created equally. Some have unmatched features that offer special functions, while some will only offer you basic tasks performance. Even though the suitable serger for your work depends on the kind of project you are pursuing, it is vital to have an in-depth understanding of the machines while deciding to buy one. Therefore, we have carried out our research analyzing a few factors that you would need to consider to ensure you get that industrial serger that will serve your purpose.

Advantages of an industrial serger

In the manufacturing world, sewing machines have a vital role to play in efforts to meet the demands of industrial clothing production. They have been existence for many years, playing a vital role in the textile industry. For cloth manufacturers, purchasing a sewing machine is one of the most worthwhile long-term investments.

The industrial sergers are purposely designed to meet the high demands in the sewing industry. Some have stood the test of time for being useful on a variety of specific sewing needs. Some of the main advantages of the machines are below.

  • Durability

While purchasing a device that will revolutionize your business, looking at its durability is vital. A variety of sewing machines can stand the test of time while meeting the high production daily, which is vital for the manufacturing business. It is essential to the business as it allows the production of high volumes over a shorter period hence reducing time wastage.

  • Highly customizable

Most industrial Seger can be customized to perform a specific task with advanced standards instead of performing multiple tasks averagely. Hence, various industrial sergers will provide a wide range of customization, allowing the user to meet their needs perfectly. The use may vary from upholstery to stitches on the clothing.

  • High safety

A benefit that can’t just go unnoticed is their incredibly safe nature. These machines are designed with safety features in place to reduce the risks that face the users. The design ensures the machine is safe for the users all the time. It is is a vital consideration since user safety is the number one priority.

Features to consider before you buy an industrial serger

Settling on the best sewing machine for your business can be a daunting task. Noting the numerous varieties of sewing machines in the market, getting the best machine to suit your job remains a puzzle that is hard to unravel. However, some ideal machines will suit your purpose. Therefore, we narrow down to some vital factors you will need to consider to ensure you get the best serger in the market.

Stitch type

There are various types of stitches. The first kind of serger stitch is the 1-thread stitcher. It is also known as butt seam since the edges of the fabric in use are zig-zagged together. The method is mostly applicable for where you don’t intend to put stress on that part; therefore, it tends to be less reliable and durable than other stitching options. Juki MO 6704 has a 504-stitch type.

Another stitch type is 2-thread serger stitching machines. Consequently, the technique has two applications. 2-thread flatlock is one kind of 2-thread stitching. It gives a flat and thin edge finishing on your fabric. It is commonly used with stretchable clothing. The second type is the 2-thread rolled hem, which is used to create outstanding and a decorative finish for your products. This kind of threading is seen on the edges of a variety of tablecloths. Tread overlock is a method applicable for knitted clothing and also woven fabric. The 3-thread overlock stitch use on the needle in the serger machine. It is applicable in making a blind hem.

Another stitch type is thread stitch, which is more durable, unlike the other stitches. That explains why it is a common type of stitch to finish seams since its more vital, unlike other stitch options.

The final one is the 5-thread overlock stitch, which is essential in strengthening the edge of a previously made seam using another stitch.

Stitch length

6 Best Industrial Sergers Ready for Any Workload

Typically, the stitch length varies from 0- 4mm, but it can go up to 5 or 6 depending on your serger machine. The average stitch length is 2.5mm. It is a typical setting for new sewing machines. The older machines would give between 4- 60, which determines the stitches per inch, equivalent to 2.5mm. TechSew 757 5- Thread Serger has a stitch length of 0 to 5mm hence making it ideal for your work. The smaller the stitch length number, the smaller the stitch. To reinforce a seam, you will need to sew with sheer fabric. If you need stronger stitches, you should use a smaller stitch length. The longer stitches are used for temporary stitches, heavyweight fabric, or for defining a topstitch.

Needle gauge

Selecting the right need gauge for your project is as important as selecting the fabric, stabilizer, and thread. There are varying sizes and types of needles suitable for different fabrics. For the European sizing system, the needles are numbered from 60 to 110. The American sizing system numbers them from 8 to 1. For the two sizing systems, the lower the number, the finer the needle, and the higher the number, the larger the needle. Juki MO- 6816 Industrial Serger has a needle gauge of 2mm. Most of the needle making companies will show the needle size on the package. Always remember that the smaller the needle size and the heavier the fabric, the larger the needle size.

Most of the time, the thread you will be using for your project will determine the needle to use.


One of the main benefits you reap by having a serger is its fast working. Quality responsive foot control plays a vital role in this. It helps you either slow down the job if need be and control the speed with much precision. Juki Industrial MO -6814S 4-Thread Overlock Sewing Machine has a speed of 7000 stitches per minute. The industrial sergers come with a speed control lever at the head of the serger, which is easy to use, although it is comprised in most instances. Sergers are very beneficial in terms of speed, which is you usually be controlled by using the foot control, which is a vital feature in the industrial serger.


Most of the people treated in hospitals for sewing machine injuries will have injuries or cut to fingers, which results from inattention or operator-error; however, this can be prevented by taking the following precaution measures. Make sure you use the serger for the intended purpose, as described in the instruction manual. Use the right size and type of needle, depending on the fabric being sewn. For unique or zig-zag stitching, use the throat plate since it accommodates a wide stitch. Always maintain a safe distance, at least an inch around the presser foot and your fingers when the sewing machine is in operation. Always try to keep the fingers to the side of the presser foot other than in the front side. Learn to start the machine and run evenly and slowly. Never have interrupted attention while the machine is operating. Always clean the working space once you have finished your sewing task.

The industrial threads comprise of the sewing threads for commercial and upholstery applications. The bonded threads are available in varying colors and varying types of fiber. The industrial serger works with varying sorts of threads, which include the ones below.

Bonded polyester is one of the common thread choices used with a serger. It is used for products that will be exposed to sunshine. Polyester fibers tend to have high wear and tear even after exposure to UV rays, unlike nylon fibers, which makes them ideal for outdoor furnishings.

Bonded nylon is a popular thread commonly used for stitching upholstery, leather, vinyl, and heavy fabrics.

Sewglow is an innovative thread which is used for heavy-duty sewing as well as upholstery. The thread can create unique sewn projects which glow in the dark.

Our Verdict

Industrial serger machines are similar to the usual sewing machines, but they are designed to offer more functions than those found in an ordinary sewing machine. The machine is custom made to give a professional finish to your clothing. The serger machine bind fabrics together with overlock stitches. Following a thorough review of the best industrial serger, our editor’s choice is Juki MO-6704 Industrial Serger. It has a speed of between 0 – 3300 RPM. It comes with a manual, electronic servo motor to offer the best service to you. For the best value, we settled for Juki MO -6714 Industrial Serger Overlock Machine. It has a stitch length of 4mm, needle gauge of 2mm, and 0- 3300 RPM. It also comes with additional accessories, which include manual, needles, oils, and tools. The premium pick is New Juki MO 67165, which has a speed of 7000 RPM. Additional features include increased reliability, high speed, and upgraded quality.

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