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Last updated: May 19, 2022

Brother ScanNcut SDX125E Review (Summer 2022)

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Last updated: May 19, 2022
Crafty Hangouts is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here
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  • Hobby cutters
  • Screen editing
  • Users seeking a quiet machine
  • Auto blades
  • Standard accessories
  • Carton weight
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Crafty Hangouts is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here

The Brother ScanNcut SDX125E craft cutter is undoubtedly the only machine for home and hobby-cutting.

It has several functionalities that make it different from other scanners, including a built-in scanner that enables users to create outstanding projects. Notably, Brother ScanNcut SDX125E is useful in developing quality projects in the shortest time possible- this feature makes it the best for creating fabulous projects under tight deadlines. The product is for beginners and professionals looking for effective ways of cutting materials. It is vital to note that the materials suited for Brother ScanNcut SDX125E include but are not limited to felt and foam. Thus, enthusiasts of designing projects can make the most out of it and develop error-free cuttings.

The Brother ScanNcut SDX125E is worth reviewing for several reasons. It has an auto blade sensor technology that allows automatic detection of the thickness of products to be cut. Therefore, users can make cuttings of precise customs and patterns that come with it. The machine has 682 designs, including nine letter fonts that allow the creation and editing in multiple platforms. For instance, it can be integrated with a 5” LCD touchscreen display to create amazing birthday collections and greeting cards. These designs can be created in the CanvasWorkspace, a web application designed for Brother ScanNcut SDX125E. This Brother ScanNcut SDX125 review looks at the fundamentals that make the machine the best for cutting projects.


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Cutting size
12” x 12” (max.)
Built-in designs
Material thickness
Up to 3 mm
USB, wireless
Max. scanning width
Built-in memory
20.9" x 8.5" x 6.8"
12.8 lbs.
1 year (parts&labor), 2 years (electronic components)
LCD display
5”, touchscreen


The Brother ScanNcut SDX125E offers unique functionalities that make it the best in cutting designs. It has built-in fonts and memory that allow convenient saving of projects.

Furthermore, the machine allows on-screen editing, which is an excellent functionality for a scanner. Other outstanding features found in the Brother ScanNcut SDX125E include USB slots, wireless connectivity, and zoom function. The machine goes beyond the normal functions of scanners by incorporating functions that enhance the cutting of designs.

Overall Performance

Brother ScanNcut SDX125E Review (Summer 2022)

The Brother ScanNcut SDX125E has higher performance compared to other types of scanners.

This machine has been designed for sewers and quilters due to its outstanding functionalities in cutting. The machine pieces fabric together easily. Therefore, designers do not have challenges merging fabric, as was the case before its release in the market. Furthermore, the machine enables users to adjust the seam allowance in quarter-inch increments. This performance assists in assembling clothes, quilts, and other products.

The Brother ScanNcut SDX125E can also connect to the internet, a factor that enhances its performance. All you require is an internet connection, and you will be able to work in the CanvasWorkspace from anywhere and without much hassle.

The platform functions in tablets, personal computers, and mobile devices. The machine is also wireless-enabled, allowing users to connect to wireless networks with ease. Few scanners have this functionality.

You can connect to the wireless network using your devices and do the same for the Brother ScanNcut SDX125E. This will allow you to send cut files to the machine for processing.

Another outstanding feature that enhances its performance is its quiet nature- it can be used to cut materials easily without disturbing those around.

Design and Construction

The Brother ScanNcut SDX125E has an excellent design and construction, making it worth the price. The carton dimension is 11.811” x 24.606” x 11.614”. This means that the machine comes in a carton that accommodates it fully.

Furthermore, the chances of it breaking are minimal. The carton weight is 17.857lbs, meaning it is portable and can be carried around workstations at the user’s convenience. Its unit dimensions are 20.906” x 8.465” x 6.811”.

The dimensions have been uniquely designed to allow the machine to be well placed in workplaces. Find the proper areas of setting the machine to limit its chances of tipping off and breaking. This would be a substantial deduction of your work environment and ultimately lead to low-quality designs. The machine has also been constructed with a unit weight of 12.79 for easy carriage.

Workable Materials

Fabric is the primary workable material for the Brother ScanNcut SDX125E. The machine is ideal for creating projects made from fabric, paper, and vinyl since these materials are easily cut by its blades.

Additionally, this material is done promptly. It becomes crucial to note that Brother ScanNcut SDX125E enables quilting squares most professionally; applique is also done easily.

Seam allowances also allow convenient cutting for projects that entail sewing materials. Erasable pens can be used to enhance the quality of designs. These pens create guidelines that enable the Brother ScanNcut SDX125E to work on sewing materials in the best way.

Furthermore, the pens are soluble in air and water. Other materials that are easily cut with the machine include emboss and foil. You should be mindful of the materials you use in the machine to avoid damaging it. Standard accessories included are auto blade and holder, standard adhesive mat in 12” x12” dimensions, cardstock, pen holder, and spatula.

It also comes with an accessory bag, a power cord, and a guide containing all the information you will need to set up the device. The materials you use will determine the durability of your machine in the long run.


Brother ScanNcut SDX125E Review (Summer 2022)

The Brother ScanNcut SDX125E has blades that ease the cutting process. Notably, it constitutes an auto blade and auto blade holder that does the cutting. You might be asking how the machine cuts materials accurately and on time. This is the work of the ScanNCut auto blade and auto blade holder.

They use automatic material sensor technology to inspect the nature of materials before cutting. This technology allows automatic detection of the size and thickness of materials to be cut. Therefore, there is no need to adjust the blades or manually selecting the materials you wish to be cut. However, this does not mean that the Brother ScanNcut SDX125E is free from errors. The machine can fail to detect the material at times, especially when the alignment is uneven.

Therefore, you should ensure that you conduct a test cut to ensure that it works as expected. Once you confirm this, you will have the luxury of cutting materials the way you want. Ensure you check it whenever you set a new project in the machine.

Cutting Tools

Cutting tools are an integral part of the cutting process. The Brother ScanNcut SDX125E works with specific cutting tools recommended as the best for its optimal performance.

As noted earlier, it works best on vinyl and fabric. You must use the proper set of tools to ensure your cuttings come out with high quality. Therefore, a scanning mat and transfer paper will be vital. These two tools allow the Brother ScanNcut SDX125E to cut vinyl and paper with zero errors.

Furthermore, the right tools allow designers to apply their creativity in cuttings. One important factor that you might consider is that the Brother ScanNcut SDX125E cutting tools are prone to lose touch when used regularly. Hence, you must be extremely vigilant to note if the quality of cuttings reduces and determine where the errors lie. Replace the tools immediately with the most appropriate ones when you discover that they are worn out.

Cutting Width

The Brother ScanNcut SDX125E also cuts materials with a specific width. It works best with materials that are three millimeters thick and of the recommended size. Working with materials that have this width will result in the best designs.

You should never strain your machine by placing materials that exceed the recommended with or fall below it. This will mean the auto blades and auto blade holders will have to work extra hard in determining how best to cut the material. Furthermore, straining your machine reduces its efficiency.

Thus, ensure that the paper, fabric, vinyl, foam, or felt used in the Brother ScanNcut SDX125E is three millimeters thick for the best cutting.

Cutting Speed and Force

The cutting speed and force used are also at their peak. Brother ScanNcut SDX125E cuts vinyl, paper, and fabric quickly.

The auto blades detect the materials to be used promptly and determine the right settings for cutting. Once you place the material you wish to be cut on the mat and transfer your designs (using wireless connectivity of cables), you have to press the button, and you will have your material out in no time.

The right amount of force is also applied when cutting. Brother ScanNcut SDX125E uses little force, which is responsible for its quietness.


Cricut Design Space, the software used by the Brother ScanNcut SDX125E enables professional designing cuttings.

The software has been simplified and is easy to use. Additionally, it has pre-made images, ideas, and fonts that are easily accessible. Its chances of breaking down are also minimal, considering that users do not overload it or perform multiple operations simultaneously.

Notably, using the software will depend on your computer’s power. The Brother Canvas Workspace is also outstanding. As much as it has limited functionalities on editing, it produces creative designs worth the effort. Furthermore, sending images is fast and easy. The software used by Brother ScanNcut SDX125E is designed to allow users peace of mind when designing.

Noise level

The Brother ScanNcut SDX125E does not produce unnecessary noises when working on projects.

It maintains a constant noise level throughout the cutting process. The machine was also designed to reduce the noises made in its previous models, allowing easy use during the day or night. Thus, users enjoy a quiet work environment while operating the machine.


Wireless and Bluetooth functionalities are admirable additions to the Brother ScanNcut SDX125E model. Users can easily transfer data from computers or mobile devices to the machine for cutting. The good thing about connecting the Brother ScanNcut SDX125E is that there is no need for an activation card.

You should create an account on the canvasworkspace website, and you are set to go. For the Bluetooth functionality, all you need to do is enable it in the machine and the device with your images, then pair.

Ease of Use

Brother ScanNcut SDX125E Review (Summer 2022)

The Brother ScanNcut SDX125E is also easy to use. Much of the effort lies in designing your project in computers or mobile phone applications. After this, you can transfer them to the machine. The auto blades and auto blade holders automatically detect the material to be printed, which eases its operations.

Size and Weight

The machine is designed with a suitable size and weight. It was previously mentioned that unit dimensions of unit dimensions are 20.906” x 8.465” x 6.811”. This size fits the machine and enhances the capability of moving it around. It weighs 1 pound, which is superb for such a device with numerous capabilities.


The Brother ScanNcut SDX125E has a warranty of 1 year unlimited. Users can access free repair services during this period only if users do not intentionally tamper with its physical state.

Price Tag

The Brother ScanNcut SDX125E is offered at $399.99.

Other Features

Optional accessories that come with the product include starter kits, quality vinyl, and amazing pattern collections.



  • Quite
  • Easy to use touch screen
  • In-built images
  • Offline functionality
  • Professional cuttings
  • Limited instructions in the manual
  • Lack of supplies


The Brother ScanNcut SDX125E is the best for cutting designs, as the review highlights. This machine has numerous functionalities that allow it to offer the best results.

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