5 Best Stained Glass Kits – All You Need to Start Crafting!

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Crafty Hangouts is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here

Did you know that stained glass became popular with the spread of Christianity? After the church, Arab architects in the Middle East took up the production of the same. Over the years, stained glass made it to other parts of the world with modifications to make the art better. Stained-glass kits are among the developments that keep products in this family in the market. The best stained-glass kits have an assortment of equipment fit for different tasks necessary for the making of the glass.

Certain features are intricate in ensuring that you get the best set. In our evaluation, we use these features to review the five brands herein and rate them accordingly. The elements we pay attention to include the purpose, pieces, weight, and size. All these aspects are critical in helping you pick the best stain glass starter kits from reputable manufacturers. We include a buying guide in this article to provide vital information regarding stained-glass kits.

Top 5 Stained Glass Kits Review 2022

  • Number of pieces: 16 (3 mixed pliers, four mixed styles glass cutters, cutting square, glazing hammer, fid, small suction cup, lead vise came, safety glasses, and protective gloves)
  • Size: 8 x 9 x 3 inches
  • Weight: 3 lbs.
  • Best for: beginners

More features: free carrying case

Comfort, durability, and superior performance are among the top reasons why most buyers fancy this stained-glass kit. It is one of the best starter kits for stained glass that is affordable. If you are a beginner or getting a stained-glass kit for one, this Professional Mosaic Tile and Stained Glass Start-up Tool Set is the ideal choice. It comes with an assortment of tools that are easy to use; hence, the best choice for starters.

This set has a total of sixteen pieces, all critical in making stained glass. Three mixed pliers, four mixed styles glass cutters, cutting square, glazing hammer, fid, small suction cup, lead vise came, safety glasses, and protective gloves are the things you will find in the package they deliver to you. Additionally, it comes with a free carrying case that makes it easier for you to move with the set from one place to the next. Storage is also easier with the carrying case helping to keep the pieces together, preventing loss or damage.

The pieces in this set have different roles to help with stained glass work. They are all essential for the different tasks in cutting and staining glass. Protective gear such as gloves and glasses are essential for safety, and one should always wear them.

What do we love it for? This set has a diverse range of pieces with superior construction that ensures longevity and comfort during use.

What were we disappointed with? Missing parts for some of the pieces, such as the running pliers, is a common issue with this kit.

  • Number of pieces: 27
  • Size: not specified
  • Weight: 26.5 lbs.
  • Best for: beginners

More features: comes with a grinder; durable; reliable

The Ultimate Stained Glass Start-Up Kit is the perfect choice for both professionals and hobbyists due to the variety of tools they include in the kit. This set has a total of twenty-seven pieces, each from durable and reliable materials that are easy to clean and maintain. The total weight of the set is 26.5 lbs. The size information is unavailable since the kit has different types of equipment. If you are keen on getting this info, it is best to contact the customer support service for the same.

The pieces that they deliver to you include Glastar Superstar II glass grinder, Hakko FX-601 soldering iron with built-in temperature control, eight-piece glass pack, 8 x 8 inches, Pistol-Grip Supercutter glass cutter, Running pliers, Breaker/grozer pliers, “Stained Glass Basics” instruction book, 60/40 Solder, Copper Foil, Flux, Flux brush, Soldering iron stand, Face shield with a lens, Anti-seize lubricant, Two 12 x 12 inches Homosote boards, Layout Block System, ten 6-inch blocks plush push pins, Flux Remover, Liva stained glass polish, Pre-tinned wire, 16 gauge, 3/8″ Adjustable U zinc came, 7/32″ Hand Foiler, Handy Foiler with Roller, Fid, Marking pen, Cork-backed ruler, Craft knife, and Safety glasses.

What do we love it for? This set has all the essential tools needed for any stained-glass project. The kit also has additional equipment like the grinder which make certain functions a breeze.

What were we disappointed with? The pricing for this set is on the higher side for most stained-glass enthusiasts.

  • Number of pieces: 13
  • Size: not specified
  • Weight: 34 lbs.
  • Best for: hobbyists

More features: comes with glass; full-sized pattern; educational DVD

Hobbyists looking for the best stained-glass starter kit do not have to look any further. This Stained-Glass Start-Up Kit by Delphi Glass Store contains all the necessary tools to get one started on the various projects they need it for.

This is a thirteen-piece set with all the tools necessary for most if not all, stained-glass projects. The pieces are Gryphette glass grinder, Weller 100 watt soldering iron with built-in temperature controller, 8 Piece stained glass pack, 8″ x 8″ each, Supercutter dry wheel glass cutter, running pliers, Breaker/grozer pliers, 60/40 Solder, Copper foil, Safety flux and brush, Burnisher, Marking pen, Safety glasses, and pattern.

All these tools are top quality making it easier for you to achieve the desired results without strain. Cutting, shaping, and soldering are all straight-forward, and the outcomes are top grade. The tools in this set are ideal for both indoor and outdoor workspaces. This is one of the best painted stained-glass kits for outdoors.

This set comes with an educational DVD that provides insight on the stained glass and the best techniques to use to ensure flawless results. The DVD is a useful addition in the set that beginners will find handy.

Why is it special? When you buy this set, you get the tools, glass, and the instructions to get you started on your stained-glass project. A full-sized pattern is part of the delivery alongside an educational DVD.

What are the flaws? This product has few reviews from previous clientele.

  • Number of pieces: not specified
  • Size: not specified
  • Weight: 10 lbs.
  • Best for: beginners

More features: comes with basics book; small pieces of glass included

Beginners can opt for this Beginner Best Stained Glass Kit by Nartique Glass as it is one of the best for people who are starting. It is a lightweight kit that you use both within the home and outside.

The number of pieces available in this set is unknown, and this makes it hard for one to decide whether it is the appropriate fit for them or not. It is important for one to know what is in the kit before buying.

The kit includes EZ 40 Plus Flux Glass Pro Runner Glass, Pro Grozer Abrasive, Stone Score Cutting, Fluid Fletcher, Glass Cutter, Copper Foil 1/4″ wide, .001 x 36 yds. Various pieces of stained glass (approx. 1 lb.), Beginner Pattern, Flux Brush, Nylon Burnisher, Safety Glasses, Hakko Red 60W, Iron 1 Spool, 50/50 Solder, and Stained-Glass Basics Book.

The above pieces are among those that you will find in the package that you receive. They are the best tools necessary for any painted glass work. The basics book that the manufacturer avails make work easier for beginner and also minimizes damage as it gives them an idea of how to go about the cutting, shaping, and soldering.

What are its best features? This stained-glass kit comes with a basics book that guides beginners on how to handle the various processes. Also, it comes with small pieces of glass that help one get started on projects before they know where to buy.

What could be improved? Vital information for this brand is missing.

  • Number of pieces: 13 (3 mixed pliers, four mixed style glass cutters, cutting square, glazing hammer, small suction cup, safety glasses, and protective glove)
  • Size: 15.7 x 10.5 x 3.2 inches
  • Weight: 4.99 lbs.
  • Best for: beginners

More features: basic tools; convenient to carry around

If you want the best stained-glass kit with tools that allow you to work with precision, then your search may be over. This thirteen-set unit allows you to accurately mark, break, and effortlessly smoothen out the edges to achieve the results you want.

The pieces you will find in this set are three mixed pliers, four mixed style glass cutters, a cutting square, a glazing hammer, a small suction cup, safety glasses, and a protective glove. This is also another set that favors beginners, but its applications can be useful to experts as well.

The size of the case that accommodates these tools is 15.7 x 10.5 x 3.2 inches, while the overall mass of the tools is 4.99 lbs. This is a compact set useful for both indoor and outdoor use. If you wish to handle your stained-glass projects while on transit, this may be the best kit for you.

The Professional 13 Pieces Mosaic tile and Stained-Glass Start-up Tool Set is an affordable set with all the basic tools for working on glass. It does not come with a case, and you may have to find one that will fit all the tools.

What makes it special? We like that this stained-glass set is from one of the renowned manufacturers in this realm. It contains the basic tools for working on the glass that is easy to carry around, especially for outdoor projects.

What cons did we find? You need to buy your carrying case if you opt for this glass toolset.

Things to Consider

buying stained-glass kits may turn out to be more challenging than you initially thought. Certain tools are necessary, but a beginner may not be aware of the same. Lack of such tools may render the kit useless as certain actions may not be possible. Our buying guide contains relevant information regarding stained-glass kits and the fundamental features to assess to ensure you get the best. We also answer some of the Frequently Asked Questions to help you make an informed choice. By the time you are done reading, you will be able to select a stained-glass kit that meets your needs.

Advantages of stained-glass kits

Stained-glass kits have a host of advantages to anyone who owns them. They allow one to handle DIY projects involving glass with ease for both domestic and commercial purposes. Here are some of the main advantages of owning stained-glass kits.

  • Makes DIY projects easier

With a stained-glass kit, you can embark on any project you have in mind without any limitations. The sets contain all the necessary tools and additional ones to enhance the functions of the tools. Some manufacturers also avail of instructions and patterns that make it possible for you to handle projects even as a beginner. DIY projects help you grow your skill and understanding of glass and the various ways you can manipulate them to create unique designs.

  • Saves money

Buying each of the tools in the stained-glass kit individually is costly. The various sets available in the market bring together all the basic tools and additional ones that make work easier and better. Also, buying stained glass is expensive and buying a kit helps you make your pieces cutting down the cost of acquisition significantly. The guide books and other forms of instructions that accompany stained-glass sets are also not easy to come by; hence, buying the sets gives you value for your money.

  • Income-generating

Stained-glass kits are available for both hobbyists and professionals. You can start as a hobby then gradually get the glasses you make into the market place. This is one way of supplementing your income if you already have a job. The sets available in the market will help you build your business in the glass industry as they are suitable for working on all types of glass. Beginners may have a hard time earning from this skill, but as they get better, they will find a market for their stained-glass pieces.

Features to consider before you buy a stained-glass kit

Before buying a stained-glass kit, there are certain elements that one must review. Here are some of the features that you must consider before placing your order for a glass set.

Included pieces

The pieces available in a set are a critical element to evaluate. The kit must contain the necessary tools that you require to work on any stained-glass project. For beginners, sets with the basic tools are critical to ensure that they can work on their projects without any limitations. Kits with additional pieces are the best choice for professionals who have been in the industry for an extended period. This is not to say that people who are starting do not need extra tools. The Ultimate Stained-Glass Start-Up Kit is best for beginners, but it has a total of twenty-seven pieces. This is more than the typical number of tools that you will find in a beginner’s stained-glass set.


The size of the package coming your way is a factor that you cannot assume. Although this information may be unavailable for some kits, it is vital to evaluate the size of the individual pieces they include. Beginner Best Stained-Glass Kit by Nartique Glass is among pieces whose size has not been listed. This information is vital, especially for units that come with a carrying case. This is because you need to know the size of the equipment you are working with and if you have adequate space for storage.

Always contact the customer support staff if you need information regarding this feature before making your order. Ultimately, the reason why you need a particular unit and the applications it can handle will guide you on picking a unit that fits the needs without a care about the size.


If you are looking for equipment that you can use with ease, then you must know the overall mass of the pieces when put together. This feature is critical as it indicates whether the unit you get is compact and lightweight to move around with or not. Also, the weight of the tools in the set shows the type of material they use. Units built with certain types of materials tend to be heavier than others. Additionally, sets with a high number of pieces, such as the Ultimate Stained-Glass Start-Up Kit, tend to have more mass than those with fewer pieces. When reviewing this feature, you must be aware of your needs as an individual and what pieces are critical for your projects. If you need to move around with your stained-glass kit, it is best to go with a lightweight unit that will not present any problems during transition.


5 Best Stained Glass Kits - All You Need to Start Crafting!

Before you start your search for a stained-glass set, you must know why you need it. The various manufacturers with kits in this category in the market include specific tools in their collection to perform certain tasks. Knowing what you want is the best way to ensure that you get what you want without worrying whether the tools in the set will perform the different tasks. Some kits are designed for beginners, while others are suitable for pro-stained-glass markers. For this reason, one must pick a variation that has the necessary tools to cater to their needs. Above, we review various kits that are best for beginners like the Professional 13 Pieces Mosaic tile and Stained-Glass Start-up Tool Set.

Extra accessories and guides

Extra accessories and guides are a useful addition for any stained-glass kit. The unit you get should not just perform the different essential tasks but also provide additions to improve the functionality of the kit.

Extra accessories play a vital role in making one’s work easy and seamless.
On the other hand, guides are vital to give one direction on how they are to handle certain issues to ensure optimal results. The Ultimate Stained-Glass Start-Up Kit is among the brands we review that come with an assortment of additional accessories to make certain functions possible. The Beginner Best Stained-Glass Kit by Nartique Glass, on the other hand, comes with a basics bookmaking this unit one of the best stained-glass kits for beginners. If you know the purpose of the set you are getting, it is easy to identify the additional accessories that will come in handy.


Working with glass requires an assortment of equipment to cut, shape, and solder the glass. Stained glass requires specific equipment to ensure that the products you get are what you want. Pliers, glass cutters, and hammers are among the basic equipment that must be in the kit for it to serve the intended purpose. Safety equipment is essential in any stained-glass kit, and one should ensure that the kit they get has the necessary tools in this category, including gloves and safety glasses. You must be sure about the type of projects that you are going to work on to ensure that the kit you get has all the essentials you will need.

When working with glass, there are various safety precautions that one must keep in mind. The shards of glass can get into the eyes and under the skin causing irrevocable damage. When dealing with glass, always ensure that you wear the protective gear that manufacturers avail. Safety glasses and gloves are among those that you cannot overlook. A dust mask and apron are also necessary since the residue from working with glass is harmful to the human body. Using the different equipment accordingly is also essential to guarantee safety. Some protective gear may not be part of the package you receive, and you may have to get them as dictated by your needs.

Our Verdict

The stained-glass kits we reviewed above are some of the best in the market. Knowing why you need them is one of the essential factors that you must consider. The editor’s choice herein is the Professional Mosaic Tile and Stained-Glass Start-up Tool Set. It is a sixteen-piece set with all the necessary tools to work on stained-glass projects. The manufacturer includes a free carrying case to make storage and transportation easier for you.

The premium pick in our evaluation is the Ultimate Stained-Glass Start-Up Kit. This unit has a total of twenty-seven pieces, each with unique applications in the stained-glass making world. This unit is one of the best stained-glass kits available for both hobbyists and experts working with stained-glass. It’s a durable and reliable unit that comes with a grinder. Our best value choice is the Professional 13 Pieces Mosaic tile and Stained-Glass Start-up Tool Set. This set includes thirteen pieces that are convenient to carry around.

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