10 Best Glass Cutters for Better Precision and Quality

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Crafty Hangouts is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here
Crafty Hangouts is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here

According to product reviews on Amazon, some of you seem to forget that the best glass cutter is something that offers more than just a sharp blade. Other glass cutter attributes need a bit of checking out as well if the purchase is going to be worth it.

The attributes you should prioritize on your checklist start with wheel material. Glass cutter wheels that will cut for a long time after purchase are always welcome. Other than that, confirm the number of replaceable heads. With this information, you can plan for your next head purchase. Of course, glass cutters with more replaceable heads are likely to last longer as well. Whether the cutter is self-oiling or not is another question that needs answering. With self-oiling options, you have less work. However, other options could work as well if you remember to oil them regularly. Lastly, check the dimensions and weight of the cutter. Being smaller and lighter is a plus. The best glass cutter should tick most of these boxes depending on your priorities, needs, and how you intend to use the purchase. Next, you should check out various cutter options, such as the ones below.

10 Best Glass Cutters Review 2022


Toyo Custom-Grip Supercutter Editor’s Choice

  • Wheel: carbide
  • Dimensions: 5.4 x 1.6 x 0.5 inches
  • Weight: 0.32 oz.

Other features: spring-controlled oil flow system, TAP wheel technology, four-position saddle

The Toyo Custom-Grip Supercutter manufacturer does something right by using carbide as the wheel material. However, as you’ll see from this list, this feature isn’t enough to put it ahead of the pack. After all, almost all high-quality glass cutters will have carbide wheels as well.

Nonetheless, the four-position saddle is both unique and impressive. This saddle is adjustable and works for a large variety of hand sizes. Trying all four positions to figure out which is most comfortable isn’t against any rules. With a more comfortable fit, you can work for longer since you avoid hand fatigue.

Also, there is a spring-controlled oil flow system. When you apply pressure while scoring, this component gets to work oiling the blade. That way, friction is reduced, helping the blade to cut easier and last longer.

Another cutting innovation is the TAP wheel technology. Due to this technology, there will be light vibrations on the cutting wheel as it scores the glass. This helps to deepen the score.

Also, you can’t forget the clear acrylic grip section that helps you keep an eye on oil levels.

Why is it special? This machine is meant to be easy to use, and it shows in the features. The TAP technology is impressive in that it makes cutting easier. Another element that helps is the self-oiling where you apply pressure. We also liked the four-position saddle so you can be comfortable no matter the size of your hands. Finally, the clear acrylic grip means users won’t have a problem replacing oil on time.
What could be better:
Getting more than one cutter head would be appreciated by buyers.


Soft Touch Glass Bottle CutterPremium Pick

  • Wheel: carbide
  • Dimensions: 2 x 12 x 5 inches
  • Weight: 1.57 lbs.

Other features: adjustable and removable backplate, five rollers, extra cutting wheel

While the Toyo Custom-Grip Supercutter is an all-star when cutting flat pieces of glass, it may not do so well with bottles. This is where the Soft Touch Glass Bottle Cutter comes in. Everything about this cutter is meant to make scoring bottles easy.

The five rollers, for instance, are there so you can roll the bottle as you cut it. Also, the cutting blade is adjustable. You can bring it up or lower it depending on what it takes to bring it into contact with the bottle.

Additionally, the length of the bottle doesn’t determine whether it can be cut with this device or not. So long as you remove the backplate, you can place even the longest bottles on this invention and get to cutting.

Another benefit for glass bottle cutter buyers is the extra cutting wheel. The manufacturer even adds sandpaper so you can smooth out cut bottle edges.

What makes it special? Buyers get an extra cutting wheel and sandpaper as part of the package. The removable backplate lets you cut bottles of any size. Also, the adjustable blade is a plus letting you cut the different parts of a bottle.
What could be better:
Users will need to remember to lubricate the wheel regularly if they want it to last.


Toyo TC-600 Pistol Grip Glass CutterBest Pistol Grip Glass Cutter

  • Wheel: carbide
  • Dimensions: 5.1 x 1.6 x 0.6 inches
  • Weight: 2.39 oz.

Other features: patented TAP-Wheel® Technology, spring-controlled brass valve

The Toyo manufacturer impresses again with the Toyo TC-600 Pistol Grip Glass Cutter installation. This cutter is lightweight, easy to use, and worth some of your money. The handle on this tool is shaped to accommodate user’s fingers and make sure they are comfortable while using this.

Also, the cutter imaged above shows a blue-colored handle. However, this is not the only handle color available, so you might get one that is to your preference. The handle also doubles as an oil container.

With the presence of the oil container confirmed, this tool is a self-oiling option. Similar to the Toyo Custom-Grip Supercutter, TAP technology is incorporated here as well. This attribute, in conjunction with self-oiling, helps make it easier to score glass.

Why is it special? The TAP technology does help with making clean, efficient cuts, as does the self-oiling feature. We also liked the see-through oil reservoir. Furthermore, this glass cutter for thick glass is relatively lightweight, and the design of the handle makes it more comfortable to hold.
What could be better:
The cutter is a bit more expensive than most of the competition.


CRL Toyo TC17B Original Supercutter Best Pencil Grip Glass Cutter

  • Wheel: carbide
  • Dimensions: 6 x 6 x 6 inches
  • Weight: 3.2 oz.

Other features: self-lubricating, brass handle, 134-degree wheel angle

When looking at the CRL Toyo TC17B Original Supercutter’s exterior, you may think that this is not a self-lubricating option. After all, the Toyo cutters named above all have visible oil reservoirs. However, the reservoir is still there in the brass handle.

The replaceable cutting head features a 134-degree wheel angle, which makes it ideal for cutting thin glass. Finally, this cutter can be perfect for fieldwork. After all, it fits in your pocket or pouches the same way a pen does.

What stands out? Despite choosing a thin profile, the oil reservoir and dispensing system is still available in this product. The slim profile makes it portable. We also liked that a replaceable head is used.
What could be better:
Unlike previous Toyo models, you won’t see your oil levels while working. This can lead to more friction if you forget to add lubricating oil, which then results in a shorter life for the blade.


Upcycle EZ-Cut Bottle CutterBest Adjustable Blade

  • Wheel: carbide
  • Dimensions: 12 x 5 x 2 inches
  • Weight: 1 lb.

Other features: 5 support rollers, includes sandpaper

Giving the Soft Touch Glass Bottle Cutter some competition on the list is the Upcycle EZ-Cut Bottle Cutter. By looking at the two bottle cutters, you can tell the design is quite similar. The carbide wheel is an integral part of the cutting prowess of this invention.

To add to that, the five support rollers ensure consistent positioning of the bottle as it rolls around and gets cut. Remember that adjusting the position of the blade is possible. It won’t matter if you are cutting the bottom of the bottle or the thin neck. You can reach both sections so long as you make the right adjustments.

Furthermore, this cutter is like the premium pick in that you get sandpaper as an accessory. However, the difference comes in with the lack of a secondary cutting wheel.

The back-brace as well plays the role of supporting the bottle at the back as it gets cut.

What stands out? With the adjustable blade, it won’t matter whether the bottle is thick or thin as both options can be cut. The five support rollers play a crucial role in ensuring precise cuts on the bottle. Also, the sandpaper is a nice touch from the manufacturer. Finally, the process of scoring seems easy with this cutter.
What could be better:
Having an extra blade with the purchase could help users a lot when the quality of the first one deteriorates due to constant use and age. Also, manual oiling is needed.


BLADOPIA Wine Bottle Cutter & Glass Cutting KitBest Wine Bottle Cutter

  • Wheel: carbide
  • Dimensions: 7.9 x 3.9 x 2.2 inches
  • Weight: 1.5 lbs.

Other features: 6 non-slip pads on the bottom, adjustable width, and length

The image provided and the name of the tool say a lot about how the BLADOPIA Wine Bottle Cutter & Glass Cutting Kit is meant to be used. It is similar to other bottle cutters mentioned where the number of support wheels incorporated is concerned.

We mentioned with the Soft Touch Glass Bottle Cutter that the backplate is removable. However, you have no such luck with this option. Consequently, there is a limit to the size of bottles that you can use. However, the backplate is adjustable to fit standard bottle sizes as well. You can as well adjust for the width of the bottles as often as you need to.

Also, knowing how delicate the cutting process for bottles can be, six non-slip pads are availed on the bottom of the cutter. These give you a stable base for the procedure.

What makes it special? The manufacturer included a stable base for consistency when cutting bottles. The adjustable length and width parameters when dealing with varying bottle sizes may as well be handy.
What could be better:
The cutting wheel requires manual oiling.


Studio Pro 653 Pistol Grip Glass Cutter Most Comfortable Design

  • Wheel: carbide
  • Dimensions: 8.5 x 3.75 x 1 inches
  • Weight: 1.9 oz.

Other features: self-oiling, replaceable cutter heads

The shape of the Studio Pro 653 Pistol Grip Glass Cutter is starkly similar to that of the Toyo TC-600 Pistol Grip Glass Cutter. This especially shows in the pistol grip that both these products seem to have.

Furthermore, this self-lubricating cutter can make consistent score lines daily. When one cutter head deteriorates and can’t cut as well, you replace it with a newer one. Notably, this option is only available in one color with regards to the handle.

Also, one can’t forget the pistol grip handle makes cutting easier on the user’s hands.

Why did it make our list? At only 1.9 oz. this cutter is relatively light. Also, couple that with the handle design and it can be comfortable to use even when the workload is a bit much. The replaceable cutter heads mean you can use this for a long time. Being self-lubricating is also impressive.
What could be better:
For this tool, being self-lubricating is a double-edged sword since some users have mentioned leaking oil.


Bememo Glass Tool KitBest Value

  • Wheel: carbide
  • Dimensions: 7 inches (cutter’s length)
  • Weight: 2.4 oz.

Other features: ergonomic aluminum alloy handle, 2 cutter heads

Another glass cutter for stained glass you can contemplate buying is the Bememo Glass Tool Kit. You get two cutter heads as well with this purchase. One will cut glass that is 6-12mm while the other is suitable for 12-20mm glass.

The ergonomic aluminum alloy handle may also impress some of you. One exciting but unique aspect of this cutter is the protective cap. With this, you can keep your cutting wheels in tip-top condition when you are not using them.

Noteworthy is that you get an oil dropper as well. With it, you can refill your oil reserves for the self-lubricating feature whenever you need to. Lastly, an engraving pen is added to the package. With this, you can easily mark the sections of glass you intend to cut.

What are our favorite features? We like that the package includes an engraving pen, oil dropper, and two cutting heads. The ergonomic build should make the cutter comfortable to use. Also, this cutter self-lubricates so long as you have put enough oil in the reservoir. To top it off, you can protect your cutter heads with the included cap.
What could be better:
For some users, the oil leaks out of the tip of the cutter. Others have complained about wobbly cutter heads.


IMT Pencil Style Glass CutterBest Accessories

  • Wheel: carbide
  • Dimensions: 9 x 2 x 1 inches
  • Weight: 0.16 lb.

Other features: automatic oil dispensing system, 2 cutter heads, ball-end handle

As for the IMT Pencil Style Glass Cutter, value for money is guaranteed. Of course, the product being affordable already works in its favor. Additionally, it competes with other high-end glass cutters for mirrors by having an automatic oil dispensing system.

Moreover, two cutter heads are included. Each cutting blade is rated at 20,000 meters, and you can expect double that due to the extra cutter head. However, one cutter wheel is 140°, while the other is 120°, which implies they are meant for different thicknesses.

Also worth mentioning is the anti-skid handle. This ensures a firm grip so that fewer mistakes are made while scoring glass. The ball-end handle is as well not for show. It can be used to snap the scored glass.

Why are we impressed? We liked that the cutter comes with two cutting heads with different cutting wheels as well. This makes it versatile. Also, a self-oiling system is part and parcel of the package. The ball-end handle can be used to snap the scored glass. Finally, the anti-skid handle makes scoring less complicated.
What could be better:
Some users have mentioned the barrel being uncomfortable.


Toyo TC1P Glass Cutter Best Handle Design

  • Wheel: carbide
  • Dimensions: 6.5 x 0.5 x 0.5 inches
  • Weight: 0.8 oz.

Other features: Lexan chamber for oil, automatic oil-feed system, suitable for glass thicknesses 2mm to 10mm.

This Toyo TC1P Glass Cutter offering can be used on glass that is up to 10mm thick. You can also see the Lexan chamber that you use to store your lubricating oil. While different colors are available for the Lexan chamber, you should know that they are all see-through.

Also, the presence of an oil chamber implies a self-oiling system. The tapered barrel is another exciting feature. You even get contoured finger channels, which can help keep glass cutting comfortable.

What stands out? The see-through barrel is essential if you want to see your oil levels. Also, the range of glass thicknesses this option can cut is impressive. Additionally, a self-oiling system makes your work easier. Finally, contoured finger channels make the cutter comfortable to use over long durations.
What could be better:
There are a few cases of the oil leaking.

Things to Consider

Finding a few high-quality glass cutters is not enough to help you choose one to buy. The differences between these options may seem minimal, but they tend to have huge impacts on user experience. As such, you need to know how to read a glass cutter spec sheet and derive the information you need. If the aim is a good user experience with your cutter, you should turn to this guide to help up the chances of that happening.

What is a glass cutter?

When cutting glass into various shapes and sizes, a score or groove is made on one surface. Once this score is made, breaking the glass along that line is much easier. The glass cutter is the tool used to make this score and often incorporates a cutting wheel in its design.

Features to consider when choosing the best glass cutter

While two glass cutters may look strikingly similar, their features will ensure they can do different tasks and jobs. Consequently, you will want to rate each cutter according to the features it has. Before you can do that, you may need to take in the information below so that you understand the glass cutter features you will encounter.


10 Best Glass Cutters for Better Precision and QualityThere are four significant styles where glass cutters are concerned. The first is the pistol grip with the Toyo TC-600 Pistol Grip Glass Cutter as an example. These cutters have a grip similar to the butt of a pistol. Another example of a pistol grip cutter is the Studio Pro 653 Pistol Grip Glass Cutter.

Next, you have the pencil grip glass cutter. These cutters are narrow, just like the Bememo Glass Tool Kit. They can as well easily fit in a stationary pouch and are easy to carry.

Another option is the bottle cutter style. These cutters all have a similar design that involves wheels, an adjustable cutting blade, and an adjustable back brace. Also, a base is included to support all these elements. In the list above, the Upcycle EZ-Cut Bottle Cutter shows us an example of the same.

Finally, you have custom grip options that are unique, just as the name suggests. The handle may be designed for additional comfort, and it generally offers more flexibility in the placement of the saddle. Consequently, users can adjust the saddle to fit their hands for more comfort.

Cutting wheel

The cutting wheel does most of the work when scoring glass. As such, the blade needs to be the right angle to fit the glass size. Also, the wheel needs to be durable and offer high heat resistance.

Remember that most of the friction generated while scoring glass will be in the cutting wheel. Carbide wheels are a manufacturer’s favorite since they don’t wear out easily.

Adjustable heads

Adjustable heads are standard, especially in bottle cutters like the Upcycle EZ-Cut Bottle Cutter. This ensures the blade can be adjusted to match the circumference of the bottle. However, pencil style glass cutters don’t need adjustable heads to work optimally, and hence you may not find them included.

Construction materials

10 Best Glass Cutters for Better Precision and QualityIf you choose a glass cutter that is made of more durable construction materials, then it is likely to last a long time. The CRL Toyo TC17B Original Supercutter uses a brass handle alongside a carbide cutting wheel. This is less likely to be damaged as opposed to a cutter with plastic components.


The pencil-style glass cutters, such as the IMT Pencil Style Glass Cutter, feature the smallest dimensions. This is one reason why they can fit inside a user’s pocket and be carried out into the field. Those with bigger dimensions, such as the Soft Touch Glass Bottle Cutter, aren’t as easy to transport.


The weight matters both when transporting and using the cutter. It can be tiring to carry bulky tools around and hence should be avoided. Also, if your hand gets tired while you are scoring glass, it may lead to some mistakes and uneven cuts. As such, buying a lightweight and comfortable-to-hold glass cutter is in your best interests.

Self-oiling system

A self-oiling system like the one in the Bememo Glass Tool Kit does make work easier for a lot of users. You fill up the reservoir with lubricating oil, and once you put pressure on the tool while scoring, oil is released into the cutting wheel. This reduces friction and enhances cutting efficiency.

Options like the BLADOPIA Wine Bottle Cutter & Glass Cutting Kit don’t have a self-oiling system. Nonetheless, they still require oil on the blade to reduce friction. This oil needs to be added manually from time to time, and this can get exhausting on the part of the user. However, choosing a cutter with a self-oiling system or one without will depend on what you want from your cutter.

Other features

TAP wheel technology and a ball-end handle are both extra features that could be useful in certain situations. You might encounter other features just as unique in your glass cutter shopping journey. So long as these features prove useful to you, they should hold sway over whether you buy a cutter or not.


Notches are often included in the design of a glass cutter to help snap off pieces of glass that have already been scored.

Glass cutters are relatively easy to use. If you are cutting glass in a straight line, you may have to use a cutting square. Remember to wear protective gear over your eyes since you don’t want small shards of glass getting into them. When cutting glass in a straight line, it is advisable to score end to end so that it breaks off evenly.

Always apply enough pressure to the cutter as you score. After that, you can break the glass off using your hands, Grozing pliers, or steel-cut running pliers. For curved scoring, you can use an engraving pen to mark the line where you need to cut. After that, use your second hand to stabilize the cutter as you go along this line.

You, however, still need to use the same tools to break off the glass. There are also circle cutters as well that are meant to cut perfect circles. These are similar to a pair of compasses in how the work. The most significant disparity is that one is used for drawing while the other scores glass.

Also, remember to lubricate your cutters before use if they are not self-oiling.

Kerosene is sometimes the go-to option for lubricating glass cutter wheels. However, in some instances, it is too smelly and thin. You can also use glass cutting oil, which is available in some stores, including Amazon. White mineral oil has been known to work with glass cutters as well.

Our Verdict

Out of these top ten glass cutter pickings, we do find some more appealing than others, as shown by the ratings. Our top three include the Toyo Custom-Grip Supercutter, which is unique and rightly deserves its place at the top of our list. You get TAP technology, a self-lubricating system, and to top it off, the handle is adjustable to cater to different hand sizes.

For bottle cutting, the Soft Touch Glass Bottle Cutter is our top pick. It gets stiff competition from the other bottle cutters. However, the removable backplate and extra cutting wheel set it a notch above other options.

The Toyo TC-600 Pistol Grip Glass Cutter is our third pick because it also uses TAP technology, and the manufacturer makes it comfortable to handle. Having a see-through oil reservoir is an extra incentive for you guys to make this purchase.

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