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Last updated: June 12, 2022

Iwata Neo Review: Versatile and Easy to Use Airbrush (Summer 2022)

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Last updated: June 12, 2022
Crafty Hangouts is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here
Ideal for:
  • People who are beginning with this art field, either as a hobbyist or as a professional.
  • For those who want a quality airbrush product at very affordable rates.
  • Want best spray performance even at low PSI levels.
  • Beginners should be extra careful while dealing with the airbrush; it has delicate parts, especially the 0.35 mm nozzle.
  • Spares are not available for all parts, so you need to be careful while modifying the airbrush.
  • There is a small gap between the nozzle and the nozzle cap. As a result, beginners might face a little difficulty figuring out how to control the spray patterns.
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Crafty Hangouts is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here

The Iwata Neo is one of the best airbrushes on the market. It’s an excellent choice for beginners looking to get into painting, but it also features that even pros will love! The ergonomic design makes holding and using this machine as easy as possible- perfect if you’re new or unsure about whether your skills are up for such a task yet.

It also comes with various nozzles, so you can choose between different spray patterns depending on what you are painting. This airbrush is comfortable, easy to use, and perfect for any skill level!

The Iwata’s NEO is explicitly designed for airbrushing. Starting with a low-cost, highly dependable airbrush from the most reputable company in the industry is now easier than ever. These versatile, cost-effective airbrushes can be used with a wide variety of paints and media, and they are easy to maintain.


Our #8 pick for the best airbrush for models


0.35 mm
Spray patterns
Large (1/3 oz.) and medium (1/16 oz.)
5 and 35 psi

Iwata Neo CN Gravity Feed Dual Action Review

The gravity-fed model makes for a smooth spray pattern at the low air pressure, resulting in more detailed outputs. It comes with a 0.35 mm needle-nozzle combination as a default, which is ideal for finer detailing and medium-sized spray patterns, among other things. Additionally, a 0.50 mm needle can be used if necessary, but this will require the purchase of an additional needle.

Iwata Neo Review: Versatile and Easy to Use Airbrush (Summer 2022)

It can operate at pressures ranging from 5 to 35 PSI; however, working with a mid-PSI compressor is the best option for airbrushing.

A large funnel-shaped cup with a 1/3 oz capacity is included, and a smaller funnel-shaped cup with a 1/16 oz capacity, both of which are interchangeable.

This paint gun is equipped with a 0.35-mm needle and nozzle, which allows for more precise spraying and medium-sized spray patterns. In addition, it features an interchangeable large (1/3 oz.) plus a medium (1/16 oz.) cup with a funnel shape designed to make cleanup and paint flow easier while maintaining a professional appearance.

The standard size cup is 0.5 oz. holding 1/32 oz. of water. However, there is a capacity of 1/32 oz when no cup is connected.

Overall performance and functions

The Iwata NEO is an excellent airbrush for artists at all levels, from beginner to intermediate, in terms of performance and features. It can be used with various paints and mediums, all while being backed by a five-year manufacturer’s warranty (which you will not get with the no-name Chinese products) to ensure that it always performs as anticipated.

This airbrush performs incredibly even at low air pressures and is compatible with the vast majority of small air compressors. To add to this, the gravity feed can still operate at pressures as low as 5 PSI and still perform admirably.

Thanks to the smooth trigger mechanism, it also provides you with greater control over your work and sprays patterns. With any other airbrush, it is almost impossible to achieve the same level of control and accuracy for the same price as the NEO.

Needle and Nozzle

The NEO comes with a 0.35 mm needle and nozzle by default, which makes it an excellent choice for finer detailing; however, it is also capable of handling medium-level spray patterns with ease.

For even greater coverage, you can also use the 0.50 nozzle set, which can be found on this particular product. Again, please double-check all specifications to ensure that your model is compatible with this interchangeability.

Spray Patterns

Although the Iwata Neo is small, it is ideal for medium-sized spray patterns. Because of its small size, it does not cover a large surface area, but on the plus side, it provides greater control overspray patterns for beginners.

You can spray almost any type of enamel, acrylic, or paint; the only thing to keep in mind is that you should reduce them properly by mixing them with an appropriate thinner.

What is the NEO Series good for?

The NEO series is excellent for painting and has several advantages, including being small, lightweight, inexpensive, durable, and long-lasting. In addition, these multipurpose, low-cost airbrushes can be used with various paints and mediums and are incredibly versatile.

The ease of use and cleanliness of the NEO series are also readily apparent. Gravity-feed airbrushes are ideal for working in small to medium-sized spaces with small amounts of paint. They also perform well at lower air pressures.


The funnel-shaped cups are available in two sizes: a large one with a capacity of 1/3 oz and a smaller one with a capacity of 1/16 oz. Because the smaller one is open (i.e., it does not have a cap), you will need to exercise caution when working with it.

Since the cups are shaped like funnels, the paint flows more freely, and the cups are straightforward to clean.

Ease of Use

It is effortless to use and control with this airbrush, so even if you are a newcomer, you’ll be able to control more details in your work and avoid over spraying – which is a common problem for most beginners. Plus, you can always take classes to master the use of an airbrush. Perfect for both beginners and professionals alike who love painting!

Iwata Neo Review: Versatile and Easy to Use Airbrush (Summer 2022)

Quality and Value for Money

Many professional artists consider the Iwata line to be one of the best on the market, which means you are getting a product that has been created with great attention to detail. In addition, it offers superior quality at a very reasonable price compared to some of the more expensive airbrush models on the market. This is not a cheap knockoff, nor is this an entry-level product; it’s simply designed for artists at all levels who are looking for high quality without breaking their budget.

Safety Features

Although the Iwata Neo does not pose a safety threat to its users in general, we recommend that you exercise caution and use air spray gear that is recommended for all other airbrushes when using it. In addition, make sure that the area is well ventilated and that you are wearing a suitable breathing mask to avoid inhaling harmful chemicals from the environment.


Iwata Neo airbrushes are small and portable, and they can be carried around in small bags or pouches if necessary. This makes it easy to bring them out when you need to use them, but it also means that they are not particularly suited for professional work where performance is critical. In addition, they may take too long to prepare and clean up in an emergency or time-sensitive project.


Keeping the Iwata Neo adequately maintained is easy. With proper cleaning and the use of suitable paint mixtures, you should be able to use the product for 15 years or more. Many artists have been using the same Iwata Neo airbrush trouble-free. Cleaning is effortless, and you can clean it with water or denatured alcohol.

Durability and Warranty

Because of its small size and many different components, you should always exercise extreme caution when working with this product.

Spares are readily available for commonly damaged parts; however, if an internal component is damaged, a spare may not be readily available. It is, however, covered by the standard Iwata Warranty of five years.

Price Tag

Right now, the current price is $60, according to the time of writing this review. When all of the features are taken into consideration, this is a reasonable price. In addition, an overwhelming majority of customers are extremely pleased with their purchase, which speaks volumes. As a result, we believe that the price is ideal in this case.

Pros and Cons of the Iwata NEO


  • Highly recommend it for beginner airbrush enthusiasts.
  • The price difference is small, but it is more reliable compared to other similar, made in China products.
  • More controlled and balanced airbrush, ideal for finer details and smoother sprays.


  • The trigger needs some improvements. A ridged trigger will do better in comparison to a recessed one.
  • If internal airflow allows for high air pressure, it would be much easier to cover more workspace.


All things considered, the Iwata Neo Gravity Feed Dual Action Airbrush is an excellent choice for those who are just getting started with airbrushing. It is inexpensive, provides good quality compared to other less expensive airbrushes, can be used with a variety of paints and acrylics, does not require high PSI compressors to operate, and is extremely simple to maintain.

You can get a high-quality product for a few dollars more that you will not be disappointed in; it also comes with a five-year warranty, ensuring that you are completely protected.

Just keep in mind to clean and handle the product properly, and you might find yourself using it a decade from now. A high-quality product that provides exceptional value for money.

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