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Marilyn Grant
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Last updated: August 27, 2023

Elegoo Saturn S Review

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Marilyn Grant
Marilyn Grant
Marilyn knows how to present the dullest topic in an interesting and easy-to-read way. When she’s not teaching English Literature at a local school or writing for our site read more
Reviewed By
Julie Flores
Julie Flores
Expert Consultant
Julie owns a shop specializing in sewing equipment and accessories. No wonder she knows everything when it comes to technical specifications of practically anything we revie read more
Last updated: August 27, 2023
CraftyHangouts is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here
Ideal for
  • Beginners;
  • Enthusiasts who want to make bigger figurines;
  • Prototyping;
  • Enthusiasts on a budget.
  • Plug-in active carbon air filter;
  • Matrix light source with 54 UV LEDs;
  • Dual z-axis linear railway with the easy-build platform leveling system;
  • 4K LED screen with 9.1 inches and 48 microns.
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The Elegoo Saturn S is an upgrade of the Elegoo Saturn, one of the most popular resin printers among enthusiasts. If you’re thinking of upgrading your resin printer, our Elegoo Saturn S review covers all you need about this model. The Saturn S was released at the same time as the Saturn 2, a next-generation printer. When using the Elegoo Saturn S printer, you will see a lot of minor upgrades, like the larger LCD screen, built-in air filter, and a larger build area. Let’s take a look at the Saturn S.


LED Display Photocuring
Build volume
196 x 122 x 210 mm
XY resolutions
0.0048 mm
Z-Axis accuracy
0.00125 mm
Printing speed
30-70 mm/h
Slicer software
Layer thickness
0.01-0.15 mm
240 x 280 x 446 mm
24 lbs.

What Was Improved

Elegoo Saturn S Review

The Saturn S is one of the latest additions to the 3D printer series released by Elegoo. The printer is a 4K resin model and is an improved version of the first Saturn. There are different upgrades on the model, as the screen increased from 8.9 inches to 9.1 inches. Also, the print height increased from 200 mm to 210 mm. It also improves the print resolutions to 48 microns from 50.

When you use the S edition, you also get an active carbon air purifier, which you don’t get on the original model. This is the most noticeable upgrade, and you can find it at the back. The USB is connected through the USB, and the filter reduces the impact of unpleasant fumes that occur during resin 3D printing.

Although it is larger, faster, and offers a higher resolution than the original version, these are only minor upgrades. It still looks and behaves like the original model, which was easy to use, convenient and reliable. The Saturn S only costs a little bit more than the predecessor, which has been discontinued. If you’re looking for an affordable resin printer with no frills, this is an ideal choice. You can consider checking our list of the best 3D printers under $1000 for more options. In our Elegoo Saturn S review, we cover all you need to know before purchasing this model.


The Elegoo Saturn S is the first LCD printer from Elegoo that is fitted with a monochrome LCD. Aside from the improved features, it also comes with fast printing times and a large build for those that want to create large-format models.

The bottom-heavy 3D printer has a solid and sturdy design that you can rely on. It is well designed like other Elegoo models, with a UV-resistant lid and the same color. On the Z axis, you see a pair of linear rails, which move the gantry seamlessly without it bending or deflecting. Even with a heavy print on the platform, the gantry moves up and down well.

When you purchase the Elegoo Saturn S, you will get all the tools needed to assemble it and get started. Some of the accessories can be used to remove, process, and clean models. These include gloves, a metal scraper and plastic scraper for cleaning the platform and vat, a funnel for reclaiming resin, backup screws and Allen keys, and more. All you need to do is purchase a bottle of resin. You will also get a 4GB USB drive with slicing software, a Rook demo model, and a manual that you can use. Let’s take a closer look at what you get on the Saturn S.


Elegoo Saturn S Review

Elegoo Saturn S provides high printing efficiency and accuracy with faster printing. The printing time is reduced to two to three seconds per layer due to the resolution of 4098 by 2560. It also provides precise and vivid details on your prints while using low energy and heat dissipation.

Since you can either print a large and complex model or several small models simultaneously, the resin printer will increase your printing efficiency. It has a large format print volume of 7.71 by 4.80 by 8.26 inches. The printer is also designed with a matrix light source. This gives off a uniform light beam that not only increases the speed of the print but gives the model a smooth surface.

Another feature on the Saturn S that improves its accuracy is the dual linear rails. It makes the printer more stable and gives it an accuracy of 0.00125mm. There is a low chance of layer shifts during printing, which means no mistakes or errors in your print.

It is easy to start printing with the Elegoo Saturn S after assembly. The printer promises to print twice as fast as its predecessor, although using both models simultaneously gives you similar values. Also, enthusiasts might be discouraged by the limited resin profiles that are allowed for this printer. If you want to use more professional or exotic resins, it’s best to check the settings first.

Other than these, the Saturn S provides top printing performance, and there is barely any challenge or failure to expect when printing.


Elegoo Saturn S Review

Since the Elegoo Saturn S comes nearly assembled, it is easy to assemble, set it up and start using it. Even if this is your first time using a 3D printer, it is convenient to set it up. All you need to do when you set it up is plug it into the ideal socket and remove the protective screen and vat foils. You also have to make the print plate leveled by loosening the screws. Home the plate on a sheet of paper and then retighten the ball joint.

It’s advisable to use the leveling power included in the toolbox, as this will have the same thickness as the FEP. It’s important to use leveling power that has the same thickness as FEP so you can have a balanced level that reduces the risk of print failures. Or, you can stack different Xerox papers together.

Once you’ve leveled the Saturn S, you should set up the filtration. Do this by plugging the filter into the USB slot. Before you turn the 3D printer on, you should open the filter and remove the plastic seal that is covering it. This way, the filter will work without being blocked by the seal.

Design and construction

Elegoo Saturn S Review

The Saturn S is a bottom-heavy 3D printer, and it is designed to look solid and sturdy. On top of the printer is a UV-resistant lid, which is the same color as other Elegoo printers. The color is purple and black, and even when you open the printer, you will see the matrix UV light source, which is also purple.

There isn’t much of a difference between the design for the Saturn S and the original Saturn 3D printer. When it comes to the dual guided lead screw, the print surface, the plates angled on the top, the ball-jointed suspension for the print plate, or the vat, all are the same as the original Saturn.

But this doesn’t mean that it needed any changes. The original Saturn 3D printer had a good and functional design but nothing too fancy. The only difference is the cantilever design, which is quite distinct from the original model. You will notice this on the bump in the Z-axis height. Also, you will see the S logo on the front of the 3D printer.

It is designed with an easy-to-use design and durable construction that beginners and experienced enthusiasts can benefit from.


The Elegoo Saturn S provides a wide range of reliable features, from a quality build platform leveling system to the well-known Chitubox slicer and a charcoal air filter. The printer is an ideal choice for a user who wants to quickly make works of art, prototypes, and other kinds of designs. Despite having all the benefits of an MSLA 3D printer, the Saturn S is still portable and easy to set up. It also offers an output of exceptional quality in your models. Plus, it is a low-cost 3D printer.


Elegoo Saturn S Review

On the Elegoo Saturn S, you will see a 9.1-inch screen, which is an increase from the 8.9-inch mono screen that you get on the original Saturn. This is only a tiny increase. In terms of the pixel, the Saturn S features a screen resolution of 4098 by 2560, which is an increase of the 3840 by 2400 offered by the original Saturn printer. Both models are 4K.

With these pixels, you get a slight decrease in the X/Y-axis granularity, and this improves the print quality of the Saturn S print to 48 microns. The 4K LCD screen also reduces the time required for each layer to print to between 1.5 and 3 seconds. It also increases the printing details and accuracy of your models.

The manufacturer advises that you should not remove the black protective tape that is around the edges of the screen. Also, there is a transparent protective film on top of the screen, and you need to remove it before you start printing.

The touchscreen is also intuitive and easy to use. It is easy to click on it, but it is not too sensitive, so you won’t end up accidentally touching the settings. You can see all the models, previews, and settings easily on the bright screen. The control panel has a color touchscreen that improves the easy use of the 3D printer.

On the downside, the LCD screen gets easily worn out the more you use it. So, you should be careful when using the 3D printer.

Air filter

Elegoo Saturn S Review

One of the major changes of the Elegoo Saturn S compared to the original Saturn is the carbon filter. The new Saturn S is designed with an interchangeable activated carbon filter that works with a USB. The US is plugged into the rear side of the printer. This is an improvement from the other Elegoo printers, which had an inbuilt filter instead. You can easily change the filter at any time, and it significantly reduces the amount of stink you get from the charcoal. Despite this, the filter will get used up over time because it contains charcoal. So, you should replace it later on. Also, when you are replacing the filter, you need to use a protective mask, especially since you will remove the printer’s hood for a long time.

The air filter is designed with a carbon cartridge. This is designed to absorb and remove the annoying smell of resin before removing the UV shield. With the filter, you get a fresh experience when operating the printer. Since the carbon filter is replaceable, you can use it for between three and six months. This depends on how much you print, so keep this in mind when operating your printer.

If you don’t want to use the purifier, you should still cover the USB port up. Covering it will stop any resin from accidentally penetrating the port. You can use a rubber cap to cover your USB port and prevent messes on your models.

Platform leveling

Elegoo Saturn S Review

One of the main features of using the Elegoo Saturn S is the build platform leveling, which you will also see on the original Elegoo. The Saturn S is designed with a two-bolt build platform leveling system. This is a reliable system that makes the desktop resin printer.

It is very easy to use the platform leveling system. It consists of two bolts that you need to loosen; then, you will lower the platform to Z and retighten the bolts once it is leveled. The process is fast, easy, and repeatable. Since leveling the platform is the main type of maintenance that you need for your resin printer, it is very beneficial to have an easy process.

The Saturn S is also designed with the FEP 2.0, which is an upgrade from the other Elegoo models. The FEP is a longer lifespan film that is designed with the resin vat’s bottom layer. Since it’s an upgrade, the film is more resistant to high temperatures and provides a 95% light transmittal edition. The film is also easy to release from printed parts. Furthermore, the FEP 2.0 film on the Saturn S build platform is 0.127mm thick, and this is thinner than the original Saturn printer, which was 0.15 mm. This allows it to perform very well by making it easy to separate the prints from the platform. The platform is also very easy to scrape and clean without holding onto the model with a sticky surface.

Chitubox slicer

Elegoo Saturn S Review

All Elegoo resin 3D printers come with Chitubox, which is an intuitive and easy-to-use slicer application that is used to convert an STL file into a 3D printable file. When you purchase the Saturn S, you will get a USB drive that is loaded with this application, so you can get started. It is very easy to use the Chitubox Slicer settings Trusted Source CHITUBOX Settings Explained! In this post, we show you the detailed explanations of all the options in CHITUBOX Setting — what they mean and how they work. .

In Chitubox, you can easily control different aspects of your printing experience. There are settings for exposure time, lift height and speed, Z resolution, etc. If you don’t want to be specific in your settings and you only want to print, especially if you are a beginner, there is a preloaded profile in Chitubox. The profile for the Saturn S printer comes with settings that focus on print success rather than speed. You can choose the default settings when you start using the 3D printer, which is ideal for those who have not determined the configurations they need.

One of the benefits of the Saturn S is the fact that it is a large-volume resin 3D printer. This allows it to print multiple small models with no extra time or a large model without having to divide it. So, you can try out parallel printing when you get the Saturn S. Aside from the Chitubox Slicer, the 3D printer can also be used with a third-party slicer for Mango3D called Lychee. The company has reached an agreement with the Elegoo brand to allow its slicer to be compatible with its printers. So if you are not satisfied with Chitubox, you can use Lychee instead.

  • A large print volume that allows for parallel printing.
  • Designed with a plug-in air purifier for charcoal and resin.
  • Includes a wide range of accessories and tools that can be used to set up and operate the printer.
  • Brilliant print quality with no resin leaking or unstable prints.
  • Easy to set up with a silent motherboard and intuitive interface.
  • Comes with default settings on the Chitubox Slicer for beginners to use.
  • Build platform leveling is repeatable, fast, and easy.
  • The FEP 2.0 allows the models to be removed easily from the build platform with minimal force.
  • The 4K resolution is much lower than that of the competition.
  • It does not include a demo resin, so you have to purchase yours for the first time.
  • The USB port is on the side of the printer instead of the front.
  • There are only minimal differences between this and the original Saturn.


From our Elegoo Saturn S review, you can see that the 3D printer comes with all the benefits of an MSLA 3D printer, which gives you a lot of efficiency and quality print results despite the size. The printer is designed with a compact size, and it is very easy to set up, with the default settings on Chitubox and the intuitive interface. Plus, the print results have outstanding quality, so if you want to make large resin prints without spending too much money, you should consider using the brand-new Elegoo Saturn S.


CHITUBOX Settings Explained!
In this post, we show you the detailed explanations of all the options in CHITUBOX Setting — what they mean and how they work.
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